What is the one career that will secure your future?

By | October 5, 2023
What is the one career that will secure your future

When you think about your career, you don’t just think about your present, your future also comes in the picture. But none of us is a fortune teller, and thus, we can not determine what our future will look like, especially on our professional fronts. However, there are signs that we can all see and observe to figure out if our career choice will stand the test of time or not. Before we move ahead, one thing is absolutely clear: the future is digital. Well, that narrows down our most important future job roles to those in the digital field. But in this article, we are going to focus on a single career that is not just related to our digital world, but is an essential element of the same, without which we cannot even imagine sustaining our small, yet connected world for long. Yes, we are talking about none other than ethical hacking. Cybersecurity is the discipline that deals with securing digital networks, systems, data, hardware, and assets from theft, damage, misuse, hacks and unauthorised access. It is a field that is rapidly making its mark in the world and is rightly becoming the favourite career choice for those who are starting their career and those who are trying to switch. Read below to know why cyber security is the career of the future.

1. The world is headed towards privacy

The more we use digital systems for our personal and professional interests, the more we stand to lose. From Facebook to online dating apps, every software has data about us. If you know about the Cambridge Analytica story, you will agree to the fact that data companies know us better than our closest friends do. Needless to say, privacy has become one of the most essential rights and services that netizens need in the 21st century. Cybersecurity ensures that users’ privacy remains intact at all costs.

2. The digital era has just begun

We like to think that we have become super advanced in terms of digital technology but it won’t be wrong to say that we have merely started our journey of digital evolution. Not trying to quote science fiction here, but it seems pretty evident that at the rate at which innovation is happening around us, especially with the birth of Artificial Intelligence, the real era of mechanical and digital revolution is yet to come. With such a solid promise of the digital world ahead of us, we can surely say that cybersecurity is going to become an essential profession in the coming times.

3. There’s a new way of warfare in town

Cyber warfare is the new warfare of our age. We are already witnessing numerous state-sponsored hacks where nations have launched several cyber attacks on their rival countries in order to steal trade or military secrets, or other sensitive information that could lead to more lethal attacks. Slowly and eventually, the scenario related to war will completely shift in the digital space where a nation’s most important line of defense will be its cyber security army. In such a state, Certified Ethical Hacking professionals will be as important as the soldiers of today’s world, in terms of the role they will play in a country’s safety.

Let’s end this article with the knowledge that crypto is something that will not just survive but thrive in the coming future. So, if you are planning to learn an ethical hacking course or a cyber forensics course, you can assure yourself that you are making the right choice after all and your future self will thank you for making this crucial decision at the right time of your career.

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