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By | November 10, 2023
rowan atkinson education

Despite the fact that Rowan Atkinson is not an unfamiliar name, people keep looking for Rowan Atkinson education, filmography, and other aspects of his life. These people are his greatest fans from all corners of the world who love his work and want to learn more from him. His life journey is nothing less than an inspiration to many people. He was a person who transformed his major shortcomings into a true art intelligently. Rowan was a true gem of a person, and the world loved his comic timing. However, he was much more than a merely incredible actor. In this post, we will learn more about Rowan Atkinson education, early life, and other important aspects of his life.

Rowan Atkinson’s Early Life

Rowan was born with his parent Eric Atkinson and Ella May. He was the youngest among the four boys. Rowan was great in his studies, and after completing his master’s degree, his focus shifted towards acting and drama. He wrote and performed many shows when pursuing his studies before formally starting his acting career.


Rowan Atkinson education was completed at Durham Choristers School. After that, he was admitted to St Bee’s School. He was good at his studies. After securing top grades in the School, get admission to Newcastle University, where he pursued his degree in electrical and electronics engineering. After completing his bachelor’s degree, he was admitted to The Queen’s College Oxford, where he did MSc. Lesser people know that he is so well-educated.

Rowan Atkinson’s Career

Rowan was good in academics, but his focus shifted to writing and acting when he was engaged in his doctoral program. After performing and grabbing national attention at Oxford University, he started his career with the radio series.

Rowan Atkinson with Olga Kurylenko



A lesser-known fact about Rowan is that he started his career with radio. He was starred in a comedy show in 1979 known as The Atkinson People. It was a form of satirical interviews having imaginary personalities as guests. These fictional people roles were done by the actor himself. Besides, he wrote the script himself with Richard Curtis. Griff Rhys Jones was the producer of this show.


Before coming to the films, he appeared in many TV shows. Comedy was his most prevalent genre. His “Not The Nine O’Clock News” was a big success, which paved his path for the lead role in Blackadder. In addition, he played many remarkable roles in TV, and Mr. Bean was one the most remarkable roles of his TV career.

Rowan Atkinson’s Rejection Story

Similar to Rowan Atkinson Education, the story of his rejection is also unknown for many people. The triumph story of Rowan, AKA Mr. Bean, is known to the world. The fans and critics can’t get enough of his roles. However, he too had to face rejection in his life. He was bullied for his looks. Besides, he had trouble speaking fluently, due to which he had to face rejections from many production houses.

He had to remain deprived of work for many years. After receiving so many rejections, he decided to make his own show, which is Mr. Bean. The best part is that he utilized his shortcomings in making the project a big success. It is why he became an inspiration for the people dealing with their inabilities and facing repeated rejections in their lives. He was certainly the best actor after Charlie Chaplin, who nailed their silent roles with their awe-inspiring expressions.

Mr. Bean

Mr. Bean is the most unforgettable franchisee of his career that gathered love from his fans from all corners of the world. He played a mute, and weird character in this British sitcom wherein Rowan nailed his role with amazing expressions. The character was a real mess in this movie, yet, gives us a great laugh with his incredible acting skills. Moreover, he was not portrayed as a kind-hearted person and can be spotted doing mean things around with ladies, old-age people, or physically injured people.

Mr. Bean


Yet, sometimes you have spotted him doing charity works. For instance, there was an incident in the sitcom where he has to give money to the beggar, but he didn’t have the change money. Then he entertains the people to get change money and give it to the bling beggar. It was nothing serious, but just for the purpose of the fun. Mr. Bean worked magic, and people know him by the same name. Rowan Atkinson became his lesser-known name when Mr. Bean became the prominent one.

Several sequels of Mr. Bean appeared on Television until 1995 until one of his movie colleagues Mel Smith directed the movie Bean in 1997, where he played this popular role in movies. The second film on this popular character of Rowan, Mr. Bean’s Holiday, was rolled out in 2007. Later in 2014, ITV announces an animated series on Mr. Bean, which was supposed to roll out as a web-based series. However, it ended as a television broadcast.

Johnny English

It is also a remarkable role of Rowan Atkinson. It was a spy comedy movie released in 2003. He was an MI7 employee engaged in his desk job. However, his aspiration was to turn the most trusted agent of the agency, Agent One. In a hilarious series of events, all the agents died, leaving him the sole agent survivor who can finish the dead agent One’s mission. The movie shows how he creates a mess with cutting-edge weapons. Eventually, he exposes the real villain in his know weird manner. The movie was so successful that its two sequels came into being later.

Ending Words!

Rowan Atkinson has a huge fan base all around the globe. He has officially taken retirement from Mr. Bea franchisee, yet his role will always be remembered with great honor. This post elaborates on Rowan Atkinson education, filmography, and some of the most untouched aspects of his life. If you like reading the biographies of prominent personalities from different fields, our blog section has got you covered. Pay a visit.


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