Paris Hilton Excited After Her Engagement With Entrepreneur Carter Reum

By | February 1, 2024
paris hilton engaged to carter reum

Almost after one year of dating, Hollywood Paris Hilton and Carter Reum voice their betrothment news. The expected espousal of Hollywood actor Paris Hilton and the entrepreneur Carter Reum is going like hotcakes.

Entrepreneur Cater Reum very eagerly expressed his sentiment that he couldn’t be more elevated and fortunate enough to be engaged with his future bride. On her 40th  birth anniversary, Paris Hilton divulged their affair. They have been dating for over a year.

Paris Hilton is now officially committed

Paris Hilton and boyfriend Carter Reum’s espousal ceremony took place on February 13 on Saturday evening. They have been in a relationship since 2019. Hilton said that because of the pandemic situation, so many things got stimulated, and at this point in life, she got a fortune to reappraise the precious things. Hilton stated that spending every moment with Cater is nothing but joyful. She feels immense excitement for the next phase of her life.

Carter said that he felt thrilled to begin their new journey and was very privileged to get a special chance to discover Paris closely for the last 15 months in lockdown. Cater repeated once again that there are sheer delight and joy to share new innings with Hilton. Cater also admired Hilton’s humanity, diligence, genuineness and stated that she would definitely be a successful wife and mother in the near future.

Carter Reum proposed Paris Hilton with a Jean Dousset designed ring

The entrepreneur proposed Hilton with a Jean Dousset designed ring. Jean is Louis Cartier’s great-grandson. Hilton and Reum went to a private island to celebrate the birthday of Paris. She wore a beautiful Retrofete outfit with a Loschy designed crown. Reum donned a white suit.

Reum went down on his knees to propose to her. They had a small gathering on the island with all their close ones like Nicky Hilton, Hilton’s sister, and Courtney Reum, the brother of Reum.

Carter, a long time family friend of the Hilton family

The entrepreneur Carter Reum was a family friend of Hilton’s. He invested in venture capital, which he named M13. Reum is from Chicago and has done his studies at Columbia University. He founded VEEV Spirits, a liquor label. Courtney, his brother, is another partner of the brand. The entrepreneur is an author as well.

According to a close source to Hilton, she is pleased about her next journey with Reum. Her family feels the same for her. As a Columbia University alumni, Reum is a fantastic guy to be with. He brings stability to her life. She deserves the love she is getting. Paris shared her plans of engagement on Monday through the podcast on iHeartRadio. The show’s name is “This Is Paris.”

Hilton gushing about his boyfriend Reum on social media

Hilton was all about praising his boyfriend Reum during the holidays on social media last December. She shared a post-paying tribute as the couple completed 13 months of togetherness. She said she felt like a princess living a fairytale in Disney. Their special and perfect love, which she always dreamt of. Now that has come to reality. Reum is her dream man. She feels lucky and grateful to have him by her side forever. They are absolutely like a custom-made match for each other.

Hilton also articulated that after they had a voltaic kiss on the tennis court, she felt a deep connection with Reum. She feels grateful that she drove to the Hamptons during Thanksgiving. Hilton also expressed her deep emotion for Reum, saying that she loved her future husband in every aspect. Reum is the only person who modified her numerous ways. He introduced her to real womanhood. She couldn’t be more alive and delighted. Hilton said that day by day, her craving for Reum is increasing, that she couldn’t restrict herself from embracing him. Hilton also conveyed that her feelings for Reum will remain forever. She revealed high esteem and devotion for her future husband and added that she would give him a blissful life.

Hilton and Reum came close last year

Last year in September, Hilton already disclosed to PEOPLE that her relationship with Carter Reum is special. They got close to each other last year.

Being a very workaholic person who traveled all the time and then becoming a complete homey person due to a pandemic was an experience. She used to travel 250 days a year. It is undoubtedly a new thing to her. Overwhelmed, Hilton affirmed that both of them enjoyed countless times with each other and with her pets last year.

They were acquaintances since 2006 but started dating in 2019. Hilton said about speaking of their magnificent bonding with each other that they never spent a single night without each other since their first date. It is undoubtedly an extraordinary experience.

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