Mat Armstrong Net Worth, Assets, Relationships, and More

By | March 26, 2024
Mat Armstrong Net Worth, Assets, Relationships, and More

Mat Armstrong is a social media sensation whose impressive career on YouTube has given him worldwide popularity. With fame comes wealth and Matt’s a rich man who enjoys a lavish lifestyle. So, what is Mat Armstrong net worth and besides YouTube, what are his other income sources? Let’s find out!

Mat Armstrong bio

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Mat Armstrong net worth

Matt Armstrong’s YouTube videos get millions of views, and he earns a lot of money from multiple YouTube channels. He collaborates with leading brands and so this is another source of steady income for Matt. Additionally, he keeps earning money through public speaking gigs, book deals, advertising roles, and sponsorships.

Matt believes in the power of strategic investments, and he invests consistently. His investments in real estate and other fields contribute to his net worth. So, from his diverse revenue sources, it shouldn’t be hard to guess that Armstrong’s a millionaire.

Therefore, what’s the celeb’s net worth in 2024? Although the exact number is unknown, Mat Armstrong net worth is estimated to be nearly $3 million.

Early life of Matt

Matt was born in Leicester, England on 11 June 1993. The name of his father is Tony Armstrong, and he is a mechanic by profession. Matt was a kid when his parents got divorced and his father remarried.

It was Matt’s father who ignited in him the passion for automobiles. He was a young boy when his father taught him how to repair cars. Little did he know that this skill will make him famous someday.

Matt was popular among his friends as he performed BMX tricks like a pro. He used to perform on the skate parks and became proficient in it.

Matt Armstrong personal life

Matt Armstrong and Hannah Smith have been in a serious relationship for years. As per sources, the two got in touch through BMXing. She too left her job and became a full-time YouTuber and influencer.

Matt Armstrong career

After he graduated from Lutterworth College, Armstrong travelled to various countries and participated in BMX tournaments. There was nothing he liked more than riding the BMX bike he owned. After some time, he felt the need to do a job as he didn’t have a stable income.

He began working at his dad’s car repair center and later worked at Graham Goode Motors. While working at Graham Goode Motors, he began posting car repairing and modifying videos on social media. He also worked at a restaurant as he wanted to save enough so that he can follow his dreams. With his savings, he made investments in properties with the intention of generating passive income.

Matt was only 21 when he bought a house, renovated it, and rented it out. The money that he made was enough to buy another house where he moved in with his girlfriend. It was then that Matt could focus on making videos for his YouTube channel.

Matt Armstrong YouTube

Popularly known as ‘Matt Armstrong YouTube’, Matt is a prominent personality in the YouTube community. With interesting content and dedicated following, he has secured his place as a leading influencer in the digital world. However, it did not happen overnight, but he was persistent.

On 7 April 2013, Armstrong launched his first YouTube channel where he uploaded BMX videos. The videos featured him riding his BMX and he also used to publish the videos on Facebook. After a while, he began uploading car repair videos.

The turning point in Matt’s career was when his partner Hannah ended up crashing her Audi TT. He recorded the entire process of repairing the vehicle and the video garnered a lot of attention.

He then bought salvage cars to rebuild them and make them as good as new. One such project was purchasing a Bentley Continental GT and fixing it. It was this video that got Matt featured on the esteemed Daily Express. Other than Audi and Bentley, Matt has also rebuilt BMW, Maserati, and Volkswagen cars.

Soon, people started appreciating his work and millions of people subscribed to his channel. Now he has 2.5 million subscribers and as his channel is monetized, he decided to quit his job. He then started other YouTube channels, namely, Mat Armstrong MK2, Mat Armstrong ES, and Mat Armstrong Shorts. This explains why Matt Armstrong net worth depends largely on his journey as a YouTuber.

Matt on Instagram

Matt is one of those people who realize the power of social media. So, he has a solid presence on Instagram and Facebook where he has a huge fan following. He regularly shares fresh content to ensure his followers are entertained.

Lesser-known facts about Mat Armstrong

  • Matt and his partner Hannah are dog lovers, and they have an adorable dog named Kevin.
  • The first car that Matt owned was a 1933 Ford Fiesta. However, Bentley Continental GT is his favorite car.
  • Matt is a fan of German engineering techniques which is evident in his car repair works.

Final Thoughts

With a successful career in brand endorsements and content creation, Matt Armstrong has built himself a fortune. His impressive net worth is a testament to his hard work, creativity, and dedication.

As he’s young, Matt has his whole life ahead of him and he knows how to utilize various skills to witness phenomenal financial and professional growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Matt Armstrong?

Matt Armstrong is an automotive YouTuber, BMX rider, and a social media personality. He is passionate about rebuilding old/ damaged cars and uploads those videos on his channels.

2. How much is Mat Armstrong worth?

In 2024, Mat Armstrong net worth is approx. 2.74 million dollars. He has accumulated this amount from different sources like sharing videos on social media, collaborations, brand endorsements, and advertisements.

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