Britney Spears: Judge Rules Singer’s Father Must Share Conservatorship

By | January 21, 2024
Britney Spears: Judge rules singer’s father must share conservatorship

Court has dismissed the plea of the father of famous singer Britney Spears. The plea was to continue his control of her finances.

Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, has been looking after her finances since 2008. Now her daughter doesn’t want him to continue the job.

Court had decided on Thursday that a particular finance company will be the co-conservator for Britney Spears.

Court denied Jamie Spears’s complete power on her daughter’s estate

The judge declined Jamie Spears’s request to maintain the same power over her daughter’s finances as he used to before.

The judgment declared that the finance company Bessemer Trust and the singer’s father would have the same power to look after the financial affairs of Britney Spears.

Jamie Spears now has to collaborate with the company over any decisions on the singer’s investment or budget.

Conservatorship put up due to Britney’s mental health sufferings

Britney had been suffering from mental health issues for years. It is the reason for which legal arrangement of conservatorship came to maintain her estate.

Brenda Penny, Los Angeles Judge, decided in November that co-conservators would be Bessemer Trust. However, the court declined the singer’s plea to get rid of her father’s control over her finances completely.

Bessemer Trust and Jamie Spears co-conservator

Jamie Spears had objections though over the decision involving Bessemer Trust. He argued to maintain his previous powers, which he held for many years. However, Judge Perry disagreed with his argument. Court has rejected his argument on Thursday. Now the next hearing will be on March 17.

Samuel D Ingham III, the attorney of Britney Spears, said that the singer was afraid of Jamie Spears. She wanted to remove his power over her career and financial affairs. Her lawyer conveyed the singer’s request to the court on Thursday. He said that there’s no secrecy that Britney did not wish her father’s control as the co-conservator of her estate. But she also understands that completely removing his father from all the control is a different issue.

New York Times documentary brings interest of public towards Britney Spears

The interest in the Spears family’s legal battle came into the light yet again after the release of a documentary. It showed the conflict between the singer and her father regarding her guardianship.

The New York Times produced the documentary named “Framing Britney Spears.” It focused on the issues over the conservatorship in detail. The documentary also showed the media’s treatment of the pop singer’s career and personal life.

The makers explored the campaign, which singer’s fans had started naming it “FreeBritney movement.” Britney’s fans thought that she was living her life not according to her will, but someone was controlling her career.

The BritneyGram host Babs Gray told BBC that nothing had changed even to date. There will be hardly any forward movement for Britney. Her lawyer must file a plea to let her free of the conservatorship.

Britney hopes her fans continue to show love for hera

Britney Spears said that the documentary instigated the #FreeBritney again in the last few weeks. She is happy to see the encouragement from everyone regarding the movement. The fans really reckoned her sufferings due to bad treatment in the past. She hopes this support continues. Britney urges her well-wishers to maintain their love, attention, and pressure, which creates quite a stir in the conservatorship case.

Britney Spears did not appear in any live performance in two years. She intends not to perform till her father holds power over her life.

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