Have you heard the latest news about the Zootopia 2 release date?

By | October 19, 2023
Zootopia 2 release date

What is Zootopia 2 release date? If you have been a fan of George Orwell’s Animal Farm, then you would have loved the 2016 Walt Disney animated feature film – Zootopia. Directed by Byron Howard and Rich Moore, this animated film, released on 4th March 2016 – showcased animals mirroring the activities of human beings in a metropolis. Bagging the Academy Awards for Best Animated Movie in 2017, people have been desperately waiting for the sequel to it.

In this digital write-up, you will learn about the film’s sequel’s release date, a fair idea of the story – where it ended – what is expected in the second part and what is the studio’s stand in it. Catch all the details here –

What is the Zootopia 2 release date?

Touted to be the 55th title from the house of Walt Disney Animated Studio, the ‘as of now’ first part of the movie had crossed the $1 billion threshold, making it one of the highest-grossing and rated animated film. For those looking for Zootopia 2 release date – rumors stated that it was somewhere in the November of 2021. But the date unceremoniously passed with no update from either the cast and crew of the movie or the studio itself.

From what has been heard in recent times, the film’s sequel will release in the middle of 2024. There were further rumors that the studio was planning a third installment of this film, which was supposed to release in 2026. However – no formal announcement has been made of the same.

Zootopia 2 release date

What is the story of Zootopia?

You might be desperately waiting for Zootopia 2 release date. But before that, do you know about the story of Zootopia? Alternatively known as Zoomania or Zootropolis, it is an animated – buddy-cop action comedy film.

It is a world of anthropomorphic mammals, and Judy Hopps is the rabbit police officer placed against the con-artist fox duo – Finnick and Nick Wilde. The universe where it rests is quite like the metropolis of real life, and the animals, regardless of their species, socialize together and check out the modern world from their viewpoint.

Technically, it is a digital format of Animal Farm, though no concept of revolution is associated with this series. The struggles of Judy before becoming a cop, how Nick graduates from the academy to become the first fox police officer, and Nick and Judy’s controversy-courting relationship are some of the key aspects of this film.

Do you know about the characters?

As much as you are interested in the Zootopia 2 release date – who are the people helming this blockbuster animation film? Here’s the list –

  • The role of rabbit cop Judy Hopps is played by Ginnifer Goodwin. The younger version of the character was voiced by Della Saba.
  • The role of con-fox and later turned fox-police officer Nick ‘Nicholas’ Wilde is played by Jason Bateman. Kath Soucie voiced the younger version of Nick Wilde.
  • The role of the African chief of the Zootopia police department – Chief Bogo, is played by Idris Elba.
  • The assistant mayor of Zootopia, the diminutive sheep Dawn Bellwether, was played by Jenny Slate.

Apart from the above-mentioned actors, the others who were part of this project were – Nate Torrence, Bonny Hunt, Raymond Persi, Shakira, Maurice LaMarche, Phil Johnston, and John DiMaggio, to name a few!

What is expected in the sequel?

If you have been looking for details about Zootopia 2 release date, know that the first film did not quite end in a cliffhanger. The audience get a glimpse of some of the key contexts of the story, and they seem quite satisfied with the results. In the upcoming sequels to this film (whenever the official declaration will be made), one may expect to check out the adventures of Nick and Judy, and get an idea about the future of the characters like – Bellwether and Lionheart.

What has the studio said about the sequel?

As mentioned before, the studio has not formally announced the Zootopia 2 release date. The same goes for the cast and crew of this film. However, another announcement has come from Disney studios. Following the success of Zootopia, the studio declared they would release a web series tracking the lives of the residents of Zootopia. It would stream in the November of 2020 under the title – Zootopia+.

After a delay of 2 years, this 6-episode web series was released in November 2022 on Disney Hotstar and received a warm response from all quarters. But as far as the sequel to the film is concerned – there has been no update.

Where can you see Zootopia?

If you are a premier member of Disney Hotstar, you can see the film globally.

Did you know this about Zootopia?

Though currently, nobody seems to have much info about Zootopia 2 release date, there’s a lot of gossip about the first film. Have you heard those? Here’s recapitulating them –

#1. Do you know Zootopia’s box office numbers?

The film was a record-breaker in many ways! It earned a whopping $1.024 billion at the domestic box office.

#2. Do you know that it faced a lawsuit about copyright issues?

Disney faced a major copyright issue when Esplanade Productions, owned by Gary L Goldman, slapped the animation house with an infringement lawsuit. According to the lawsuit – Goldman had previously in 2000 and again in 2009, pitched out a story to Disney, tentatively titled Looney.

The story roughly adds up to – a shy animator who creates a world which is quite similar to Zootopia (the name Disney uses) and the characters living a life mirroring that of humans.

This copyright infringement lawsuit was another reason for the delay of the announcement of Zootopia 2 release date.

Zootopia 2 release date

However, after a couple of months and multiple court proceedings – the US District judge Michael W Fitzgerald dismissed the infringement case. Goldman appealed to the Ninth Circuit, but the result was same. Disney won the case and no further conspiracy theories were built on this.

#3. Do you know the accolades Zootopia got?

Apart from the stupendous response the film got at the box office, the awards season has been raining glory on this film. From the Academy Awards win to the American Film Institute’s list of Top 10 films of 2016. The other accolades the film got were – BAFTA nomination for Best Animated Film, Critics Choice Movie Award, Golden Globe, and Annie Award, to name a few.

#4. Do you know about the rating of Zootopia on IMDB?

From the last available data – the rating is 8/10.

#5. Was there some controversy over the name?

For the unversed – there’s a zoo in Denmark called Zootopia. The crucial aspect of this zoo is – unlike the other animal reservation areas, this seems like a reaction to it. This is built over a huge area, and unlike other zoos where the animals are locked up, in Denmark’s Zootopia – the animals are left to wander around in the open space. On the contrary, the visitors can view the animals from segregated areas in their natural habitat.

Also, the producers stated that they were inspired by New York City, Shanghai, Barcelona and London zoos. All these led to the controversy of the name.

Waiting for Zootopia 2 release date

Well, that was all the update we could give you about Zootopia 2 release date. We are looking for more details about the release date and will update you as soon as we get to know. Till then, if you wish to stay updated about the snippets from this industry – keep checking this website for more!

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