What was Young Dolph net worth in 2021 when he died?

By | October 5, 2023
Young Dolph net worth

On the morning of November 18, 2021 – the world amidst the raging pandemic woke up to another tragic news of the brutal murder of American rapper Young Dolph. The 36-year-old rapper was fatally shot while he visited Makeda’s Homemade Butter Cookies, to pick up a cookie and two for his family. Though initially, the police officials stated finances to be the cause of the murder, given that Young Dolph net worth was touted to be at $3 million. However, this reason was later nullified with further investigations on the way.

This write-up will give you a detailed idea of his net worth, how he started off in this business, who were his closest people and some quickies you did not know about him.

What is Young Dolph net worth?

Going by financial statistics, Young Dolph net worth was touted to be at $3 million when he passed away in 2021. Most of his earnings were from his record sales, stage performances, mixtapes, song recordings, and earnings from royalties of his music labels.

However, his family has not released details on whether there has been an increase in that amount or not, as per inflationary records. Hence, at the time of writing this article, the amount is kept at that.

Let’s now move towards exploring some further details about his career and family life.

How did he kickstart his career?

A major share of Young Dolph net worth came from his career as a rapper, a profession he started at an early age. Let’s check out the details –

2008 – 2014: Early successes by Young Dolph

The initial source of Young Dolph net worth come from his mixtape Paper Route Campaign. Its success led him to release his next mainstream mixtape – Welcome 2 Dolph World. Moving away from the traditional Memphis rapping format, he released – South Memphis Kingpin, Cross Country Trappin, and the last installment of the High-Class Street Music series.

2014 – 2017: Release of his debut album and the tiff with Yo Gotti

His journey toward Young Dolph net worth received a major push when on the 24th of February 2015 – he released his final installment of High-Class Street Music – The Plug Best Friend. Next came his collaboration album – Felix Brothers with Peewee Longway and Gucci Mane.

His biggest hit – King of Memphis (also his debut album) peaked at 49 on Billboard 200 and was released under his Independent Paper Route Empire.

Young Dolph net worth

2017 – 2020: His Singles are released

At the start of 2017, Dolph signed Key Glock to his Paper Route Empire Label, and at the beginning of 2018, their combined single – Major stacked up at the 47th rank on the Hip Hop Songs Chart. In September 2018, he released his album Role Model. In July 2019, he collaborated with Key Glock to release their premier collaborative album titled – Dum and Dummer. It peaked at number 8 on Billboard 200!

2020 – 2021: His Top 10 Solo Album

After a career spanning a little over a decade, Young Dolph was considering retirement since he wanted to spend some time with the kids. However, amidst the pandemic, he released his single – Sunshine, followed by Blue Diamonds, and edited covers of his previous albums.

Apart from that, he went ahead to release his album, Rich Slave, which peaked at 4th on the Billboard 200 (August 14, 2020). It was also his highest-grossing album adding a hefty amount to Young Dolph net worth.  This was followed by Dolph and Key Glock’s combined single – Aspen (released on March 5, 2021). Surely, the world would have had some more music coming but for his untimely death.

How does he make the moolah?

The data on his monetary income has been compiled from multiple sources. Here is a rough estimate of Young Dolph net worth that includes his remuneration from – the selling of mixtapes, song recordings, and albums. He owned his official YouTube channel Young Dolph, the profits from which added to his remuneration.

Also, what his financial advisors have revealed about his earnings is that – every time his songs are played at any function or used for any other purpose by a third party – he earns royalty from the same amounting to up to $1 million.

Apart from that – reports state his earnings from endorsements touched a massive $250,000 when he was at the peak of his career.

Though sources state, he has a range of luxury cars and investments in real estate. His fleet includes – Ferrari, Demon, Rolls Royce, Bentley, and Dodge Challenger.

Do you want to know about his childhood?

Born as Adolph Thornton Junior in Chicago, Illinois, on July 27, 1985, he was only 2 years of age when the family and his siblings moved to Memphis, Tennessee. He had once revealed in an interview that people in most cases do not see the story of hardships beyond Young Dolph net worth.

His parents were both drug addicts and would remain high on drugs. He and his siblings were raised by their grandmother. Therefore, till the last of his days, he was closer to his grandmother compared to his siblings or his parents. For those who have checked out his music, you will hear him sing – “Mamma always in the streets, so guess who raise me?” in his hit track ‘Preach.’

He attended Hamilton High School and graduated in 2004, but never got a chance to attend University or pursue his academic career ahead due to dire economic conditions. During his school days, it was rapping that allowed him a chance to vent his frustration. As he passed out of high school, he pursued his music career to reach the heights of success in a short time.

Who are his closest people?

His grandmother was the person he was closest to while growing up. Her passing away in 2008, left a huge gap in his heart. Since he came from a broken family, therefore one can understand how challenging his personal life must have been.

However, from the reports that have emerged from multiple credible sources, he is the father of two children with his longtime partner (since 2010) – Mia Jaye. Though he has been categorically secretive about his personal connections, what his fans and the media have come to know is – his children were born in 2014 and 2017 respectively. As of now, they are direct inheritors of the Young Dolph net worth.

Also, most of the time, people have found him collaborating with his cousin-turned-fellow-rapper Key Glock. For the record – he is also a distant relative of Juice Wrld (co-rapper and singer).

What was the controversy with Yo Gotti?

For the ones who keep themselves updated with the news from the rapping world, the Yo Gotti vs Young Dolph rivalry is nothing new. Initially, Young Dolph net worth vs Gotti’s net worth and popularity was stated to be the reason for this rivalry. However, later it was found that when Dolph released the King of Memphis album, which peaked at number 49 on Billboard – the other native rappers (Yo Gotti included) took offense at the title and released a track against him – Young Dolph Diss in response to that.

Young Dolph net worth

The story does not end here! Dolph went against Gotti and released a diss track targeting him. It was played as – Play Wit Yo Bitch. This surely did not go down well with the concerned people and the very next day, Dolph’s car was targeted in North Carolina. Reportedly his car was shot over 100 times but thanks to the bulletproof panel he was unharmed. The police sprung into action and Yo Gotti was arrested the following day, only to be released two days later due to lack of proof.

No further stories of this rivalry were heard again, but unfortunately – Dolph was again shot at in 2017, and finally was brutally murdered in the November of 2021. Again fingers were pointed at Gotti, but no substantial evidence was found in that regard.

Some quickies you cannot miss

Young Dolph was a man who always believed in giving back to the community. If you follow his trajectory, you will find how he has managed to give back to some of the causes he holds dear to his heart with the assistance of Young Dolph net worth he had created in a short time.

  • During the Covid pandemic in 2020, Thornton donated close to $25,000 to his alma mater Hamilton High School.
  • Whenever he had free time, he would make it a point to deliver motivational speeches to the students via some formal social arrangement.
  • A few days before his death, Dolph was noted handing out Thanksgiving dinners and turkeys at the West Cancer Centre.
  • His posthumous album – Paper Route Frank was released on December 16, 2022.
  • Singers and rappers include Big Moochie Grape, Key Glock, Joddy Badass, Kenny Muney, Snupe Bandz, Chitana, Jay Fizzle, and Paper Route Woo came together to dedicate a single Long Live Young Dolph as a tribute to Dolph to commemorate his untimely death.
  • Young Dolph’s murderers were placed under charges of theft and illegal arms possession as well. Currently, they are lodged at the prison undergoing trial. Further news on the same is awaited.

The world will miss him!

It is on a very sad note that we have to end this write-up with Young Dolph no longer with us. He was one of the topmost rappers who had gained stardom within a short span of time.

What is notable is – in this period he has managed to create a lump sum amount in the form of Young Dolph net worth which in the future will help his family survive the times without him, at least financially. If you are looking for more content like this, do visit this page. Till then keep listening and remembering the King Of Memphis!

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