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By | September 12, 2023
Wotakoi Season 2

If K-dramas envelop you in their sugar-coated romantic prisms – the Japanese manga series gives you a taste of real life. Currently, the demand for Wotakoi season 2, formally known as – ‘Wotakoi: Love is hard for Otaku’ is trending in search engines. If you are here since you have seen the trend and before you jump on the bandwagon, you need some details – be assured – this is the domain to check out.

We will detail the manga for you, some snippets from the first season, some character understanding, and finally, divulge the second season’s mystery. Stay with us on this page for the update on the same.

Wotakoi Season 2 – When is it coming?

From what may be assumed, season 2 can be expected in 2023, but there has been no official confirmation of the same. The first season with 11 episodes, is available for streaming on Amazon Prime and comes with a 4.5 rating. Also, around 10 million copies have been sold in both physical and digital formats, making it one of the highest-sold copies of any anime series.

As you will scroll down this page – you will get more information associated with Wotakoi season 2.

Wotakoi Season 2

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Wotakoi: A quick note on the series

This anime series – Wotakoi: Love is hard for Otaku’ was first aired on Fuji TV from April 13, 2018, to June 22, 2018. This anime based on the Japanese manga of the same name has 11 episodes and deals with – Narumi, an office woman who hides her fujoshi lifestyle and Hirotaka – a capable man who is an office otaku. Though apparently – their paths meet and they – just like every other story are bound to fall in love – yet love seems difficult for this otaku.

It is astonishing that they have been together since childhood, and neither side has confessed their feelings, though the chemistry is undeniable.  Therefore – when they finally take the much-anticipated steps towards romance, the situation becomes dicey. Their banter, fights and the freshness of love add to the humour of this series, which categorically has been known for the same.

Patching up their freshness of love is the – Kabakura and Hanako couple, who have been married and almost know each other like the back of their hands.

It is the conflicting chemistry of the couples, the casual banter, the humour, and the presentation that makes this manga supremely popular. This manga has won multiple awards, and its music composer Shiro Sagisu was also awarded – the Sandro Forte Award for Best Motion Picture Score at the Fantasia International Film Festival. 

Wotakoi season 2 – plot and cast

For all the fans of Wotakoi season 1 – the second season will start off from where the first season was left. Also, there will be a couple of new revelations that the viewers are waiting for. Some of the predictions that have been made about the second season are that – Kou will be discovered to be a woman by Nao and that will perhaps cause rifts in the relationship.

Also, it is expected that in the relationship between Kabakura and Hanako, some misunderstandings, complications, and geekiness will crop up, which will lead to the crux of this season. However – what will always remain is the love the couples have for each other and their respective killer chemistry.

The voice artists will supposedly come back for Wotakoi season 2. Therefore – get ready to hear back from Arisa Date, Hirotaka Nifuji, Joseph Joestar, Hanako Koyanagi, Naoya Nifuji, and Aoi Yki.

#Just for you – Though there has been no official information regarding the availability of the English dubbed version of Wotakoi, as per multiple sources – Amazon Prime is holding talks regarding the same. 

Why is this Wotakoi manga so famous?

Though apparently, otaku started off as a derogatory term in Japanese, with time, it has gained immense prominence due to – its comic style and embracing of the gaming culture and manga in an unabashed manner.

Compared to the other set of manga web series that have taken over Japan – this one garners maximum popularity primarily because –

  • The cast of the characters is beyond the school age. Therefore – they are ‘adulting’, and hence the problems and issues they face are quite similar to the ones that we (who are growing into adulthood) face. There is a certain sense of reality that the viewers resonate with the characters.


  • Keeping aside the natural part, this series’s romance angle is also notable. The primary couple – Hirotaka and Narumi, bring to the table a certain freshness as they evolve from – nerdy students to geeks who are feeling the first blossoms of love. They are followed by the second couple – Kabakura and Hanako, who have been dating since high school and are very comfortable with each other.


  • Lastly, the humour aspect of this manga series wins the hearts of its viewers. In fact – if you go and check – a certain section of social media is eagerly waiting for Wotakoi season 2 due to its humorous banters.

Wotakoi Season 2

What is the viewership rate of this manga?

This series has been touted to be watched by people aged 16-17 years and is available for streaming with Amazon Prime. From what has been noted for this manga series, its first season garnered a 30% hike in popularity in the US and global television market.

That is not all! In terms of the animation genre – US television has shown a 47.5% rise in this genre of entertainment. What is surprising is that the excitement for the Wotakoi season 2 has peaked at the level of a 70% search rate for its date of premiering.

Now that you are already looking for its popularity rate at a global scale – it is imperative that you know –

  • This is aired in a range of countries apart from the USA – such as India, the UK, Portugal, Mexico, Thailand, Sweden, the Philippines, Spain, Colombia, Denmark, South Africa, New Zealand, Chile, South Korea, Netherlands, to name a few.


  • Among these countries, the viewership rating is at its peak for India(126.2%), Malaysia and Phillippines (75%), Spain (65%), France (79.4%), and Germany (touching 70%). These are also the countries which have the highest anticipation rates for Wotakoi season 2.


  • It has been seen that Asian countries have better ratings for this series compared to their Western counterpart – simply because of the socio-cultural setting to which the Eastern side of the world is akin.

Why don’t you give it a watch?

If you are through with us in your quest for Wotakoi season 2 – we may safely assume that you have seen and enjoyed the first season. How about suggesting the same to others? You could forward links to the first season to your friends and mates who have not watched this series. Keep watching this space to stay updated about the upcoming season.


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