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By | February 11, 2024

Reid Hoffman is the man who completely changed how professional networking and job-hunting used to be before.

If you have not heard about him before, don’t worry. Just like you, most people are totally unaware of Reid Hoffman even though they are using the platform he has created.

To clear up this confusion for you, in this post, we’ll discover who Reid Hoffman is, where he comes from, and what he has built that most professionals use nowadays.

Who is Reid Hoffman?

Reid Hoffman is an American serial entrepreneur and the co-founder of LinkedIn. Recently, he has also started a venture capital firm and a podcast called Masters of Scale.

He has also authored quite a few famous business books including Blitzscaling, The Start-up of You, Masters of Scale, and The Alliance.

Hoffman recently also co-founded an AI company by the name Inflection AI that deals in generative AI and machine learning.

However, even though he has his hands in many places, he is mostly known for starting up LinkedIn (the biggest professional networking platform and job board today).

Early Life And Career

Reid Hoffman was born on 5 August 1967 in California, USA.

While growing up, Hoffman was a hardcore tabletop roleplaying gamer, and he has also worked as an editor in a gaming company by the name “Chaosium.”

Hoffman completed his high schooling at progressive The Putney School in Vermont and later graduated from Stanford University with a Bachelor of Science degree.

Hoffman joined Apple in 1994.

He was tasked with building eWorld (an online service). AOL later acquired eWorld, and he joined Fujitsu before he founded his first startup.

In 1997, Hoffman started an online dating and matching platform like Tinder by the name “SocialNet.com.”

Even though the idea of the platform was great, and it was stated way before Tinder and other dating platforms, for some reason, the platform didn’t take off, and he had to leave the company.

After leaving SocialNet.com, Hoffman joined PayPal as the company’s Chief Operating Officer.

In December 2002, Hoffman co-founded LinkedIn along with two of his previous colleagues. LinkedIn was launched in May 2003, and it quickly became a hit in the professional space.

LinkedIn made an entry into the stock market in 2011 where his friend Peter Thiel from a former organization also bought a huge stake.

Later, in 2016, Mircosoft acquired LinkedIn for a whopping $26.2 billion all-cash deal, and Hoffman became a key board member of Microsoft.

Reid Hoffman’s Net Worth

Hoffman’s entrepreneurial endeavors and savvy investments have catapulted his net worth into the billions.

As of now, Reif Hoffman’s current net worth is $2.4 billion as per Forbes’ listing.

Most of his net worth is tied to his AI company and the investments he made in other startups, including AirBnB and TapTap Send.

FAQs Related to Reid Hoffman

How did Reid Hoffman make his money?

Reid Hoffman made most of his company through the sale of LinkedIn to Mircosoft. Later he strategically invested his money into various businesses, startups and his latest ventures.

What is Reid Hoffman doing now?

Reid Hoffman is currently a partner in an investment firm, Greylock. He is also running his AI company, Inflection AI, along the way.

Does Reid Hoffman own LinkedIn?

While Reid Hoffman was a key founding member of the company, LinkedIn is owned by Microsoft Corporation. So, no, Reid Hoffman does not own LinkedIn.

How old is Reid Hoffman?

Reid Hoffman is currently 56 years old.

Who owns LinkedIn?

If you’re wondering who owns LinkedIn, it’s actually Microsoft Corporation. Mircosoft acquired LinkedIn in 2016 for a whopping $26.2 billion.

When did Reid Hoffman start LinkedIn?

Reid Hoffman started LinkedIn in December 2002.

Is Reid Hoffman married?

Yes, Reid Hoffman is married to Michelle Yee.


Reid Hoffman’s story shows how being creative, never giving up, and having big ideas can change things a lot. 

Starting from not much, he became really important around the world. 

What he did affected many different kinds of jobs, making people want to start their own businesses with lots of energy and a clear goal. 

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