Who are the world’s top 10 youngest billionaire women? Find now!

By | August 21, 2023
youngest billionaire

The world is genuinely moving on! Gone are the days of generational riches, hereditary titles, male hedge fund holders, and patriarchal division of assets. Standing in the domain of social media culture, the pathway to billions is no longer restricted to traditional alleys. Some of the youngest billionaire women have deepened their pockets thanks to their roles as influencers, social media investors, and startup heads! How about spending some time checking them out? You might just get an investment idea.

This content has been curated with data obtained from some of the reputed finance magazines and publicly available data. Hopefully, you will get a better insight on that note.

Listing out the  youngest billionaire women

Ready to check out the wealth records? Here they are –

1. Premiering with – Kylie Jenner (Net Worth – $1 billion)

The youngest of the Jenner sisters and indeed one of the youngest billionaire women on the list (at a mere 22) – she has carved out a niche for herself as an American beauty influencer and socialite.

She is using Instagram as the path to success, with her business acumen returning her with some excellent profits on her investments. With a follower list of 300 million souls, she, within a minimal period, has managed to turn the tables regarding her online cosmetic brand. Her recurring spot in the television show – Keeping Up With The Kardashians adds to her investment racks.

youngest billionaire

2. Seconding her – Alexandra Andresen (Net Worth – $1.1 billion)

This Norwegian heiress has gained wealth the traditional way. With a notable 42% stake in the investment company Fred, she was first featured on this list at the mere age of 19 years. She held onto the position for three years straight!!

However – she’s not the woman who sits back with her wealth. Instead – she made it a point to invest a part of her wealth in certain businesses (details of which have not been revealed). Additionally, she has a career as a model for an equestrian dress company.

3. On the Third – Katherina Andresen (Net Worth – $1.1 billion)

Taking the third spot on this list of youngest billionaire women is Alexandra’s sister, who also holds 42% of the Ferd’s shares. With just 75 employees, this family-run company brings in nothing less than billions in profits!!

4. Elizabeth Furtwaengler (Net Worth – $1.3 billion)

Born into the home of the publishing giants – the Burda Media Group, from a tender age, she holds 25% shares of the group. That’s not all! She, with her brother Jacob, serves as a board representative, albeit one of the youngest in the world.

youngest billionaire

What’s more? Despite having billions in her bank – she’s the one who has carved out a career for herself as a singer-songwriter under the stage name of Lisa Fou.

5. Taking the Fifth – Whitney Wolfe Herd (Net Worth – $1.5 billion)

For someone who was the Vice President of Marketing at one of the world’s largest dating communities, Tinder – gaining hands-on knowledge of online dating and marketing was relatively easy.  Taking that knowledge to the fore – Herd kickstarted Bumble (the share price of which increased to 67% on floating).

Not every day do you get a chance at dating and yet get away from picking up unknown callers. That’s the critical security feature of Bumble, making it one of the safest communities to pursue online dates.

6. Standing at Sixth – Anna Kasprzak (Net Worth – $1 billion)

The Danish dressage rider is holding on to the sixth position in this listicle of some of the youngest billionaire women. As an heir to one of the highest return on investment Fortune 500 Companies – Danish shoe brand ECCO, Kasprzak, along with her brother, holds on to the company’s shares – chaired by her mother.

She was an Olympic participant in 2012 and 2016, finishing in 14th place. Clearly – not everyone sits back enjoying the laurels of their hereditary money.

youngest billionaire

Image Credit: Business Insider

7. Eva Maria Braun – Leudicke (Net Worth – $1.5 billion)

With the pandemic ravaging the world, you must have heard the name of B. Braun Melsungen – a medical company. Eva Maria Braun, the seventh in this list of some of the youngest billionaire women, owns 12% shares of the same.

As a company that started in 1839 by selling herbal medicines, today, it has flourished to the extent of raking in $8 billion in 2022. Eva, part of the medical company’s advisory board, plays its communications manager role.

8. Eligible for the Eighth – Rihanna (Net Worth – $1.4 billion)

Have you been grooving to Umbrella for an eternity – and Rihanna has been your power symbol? Well, she is genuinely a powerful woman with a range of hit songs and some credible investments under her belt!

One of the fastest and the youngest billionaire women – that America has seen in a very long time, she earns from her roles as an actress, musician, and investments in the lingerie brand Savage X Fenty. The lady is unstoppable, believing she has a long way to go.

9. Cruising down on the Ninth – Caroline Hagen Kjos (Net Worth – $2.1 billion)

Holding the most significant stake in the Canica AS family company – Caroline is another of the Norwegian names on the list. She has quite an interesting portfolio – as a businesswoman, billionaire, and heiress who is known for her sharp business acumen.

10. Landing down on the Tenth – Friederike Braun Leudicke (Net Worth – $1.3 billion)

The last name on this list of  youngest billionaire women is another of the Leudicke sister. Apart from holding 12% of the company’s shares, she also acts as the Personnel and Organizational Development Manager.

What is notable about this list is that apart from inheriting some wealth, the concerned women have also invented their money in the suitable arenas. So, why don’t you follow suit? Here are some tips for beginners –

Keys to salient investment strategy

Here are some of the features that you may follow for a successful investment strategy –

  • As a starter – you must leverage the power of compound interest. Reinvesting the investment earnings could lead you to add to the interest income, thereby increasing your total returns.


  • The concept of dollar cost average is supremely important. The basics of this are – investing the same amount of money consistently over time. In such cases – when the market is slowing, you invest little. But when the market is soaring – you invest more.


  • Another very important thing is – knowing where to invest. For a risk taker – the stock market is a great opportunity. Some of the usual stocks are your available option for someone who prefers stability. If you know your game, invest in it – if not, it is best to consult a professional. For your information, most of the youngest billionaire women prefer to take a calculated risk with part of their fortune for better returns. ‘Calculated’ is the word!!


  • Strategic asset location and portfolio diversification are two respective arenas where you can invest your money. Why so? Simply because it means that ‘you do not put all eggs in one basket’, with higher chances of return on investment.

Before taking the investment plunge, you better consider all these facets.

Your takeaways

How was this information about some of the youngest billionaire women? We hope you enjoyed reading this post and derived some information about their investment strategies and the ladies concerned. To see women reaching the heights of success and ruling the currently cash-stricken pandemic economy is a pleasure. More power to them. Do you have any suggestions or comments? Get back to this page for more!


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