Who are the top 7 unhealthy skinny celebrities?

By | July 21, 2023
skinny celebrities

Do you remember the time that Miss Universe 2021 – Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu, was criticized for being ‘too fat’ for a celebrity and had to end up revealing that she had been suffering from celiac disease? Even though people want their ‘celeb idol’ to be a perfect Renaissance figure – what they fail to understand is – they too are ‘as human as us’ and, therefore, may not always live up to the illusory image. Since you are already on this page figuring out who the skinny celebrities are who have been on the paparazzi’s radar, let’s explore this option well.

Quite often, the celebs are checked out in a manner that cruelly sexualizes them as objects (mostly female celebs but even male celebs at times). This post will explore some of the gaunt celebs, the reasons for the same and some tips for a healthy lifestyle. Navigate down the page and figure out the details for yourself –

The skinny celebrities who have been listed

Here’s the list that you can check to get an idea

Angelina Jolie

Whether it is her acting standards, her social welfare (a recent visit to Pakistan as UN Ambassador for flood inspection), her kids and finally the one-time ‘Brangelina’ brand name – she has been always in the limelight – albeit for all reasons! However, it was her skinny appearance at an awards function and further appearances that made news!

Skinny celebrities

Reason? She has always been underweight and back when she was filmed in that condition – she had lost her mother and was working through a difficult year. 

Current Status- She is working with her nutritionist and looking forward towards a healthy lifestyle.

Tara Reid

She has been in the news – almost always – for some embarrassing moments! However, when she was spotted making appearances as Santa or for personal reasons – she looked almost like a skeleton walking!

Reason? Drugs, problems with alcohol, unhealthy lifestyle, excessive partying – she was one of the most filmed in the skinny celebrities list. 

Current Status- She is looking for a comeback to movies, and is working towards a healthier body weight.

Hillary Duff

How many of you loved Lizzie MacGuire from Disney? Well – that was Duff at 13 and by the time she reached the end of her teens – she was counted amongst the thinnest of celebrities.

Reason? She herself accepted that she had an ‘unhealthy obsession’ to look thin and nobody really stopped her at that time. 

Current Status- She has long left her obsession behind and is now a happy mother.

Lindsay Lohan

Another of the skinny celebrities who have made to the list is this ‘Mean Girls’ star! She has been in news unfortunately for the wrong reasons rather than her work and therefore her making to the list for these reasons is no surprise!

skinny celebrities

Reason? Her struggle with bulemia and her experimentation with drugs – which very soon turned to abuse. 

Current Status – She has been sent to rehab multiple times and in her past interview with Vanity Fair she has admitted to working on herself in a better manner.

Kate Bosworth

Though she was completely toned in Blue Crush – post that – Bosworth looked completely skeletal and she had reasons for the same.

Reason? She was under severe stress, which is why she had been losing weight. 

Current Status- Though she has heard out her trainers and medical professionals, however, there has not been much improvement. Also, she clearly stated to her fans that – her body weight is not to be taken as the standard for measuring beauty and she was herself working on the same.

Kate Moss

One of the globe’s best supermodels during the end of the 90s ‘Supermodel Era’ – Moss has always featured in the list of skinny celebrities.

Reason? Her defence for the same is – ‘she does not have time to eat’. 

Her thoughts – Though she has never formally promoted an anorexic figure – (though she has been haggard looking since her heydays) – there are multiple media outlets and medical professionals who have negated her views on lack of importance for food.

Victoria Beckham

The owner of the famous Victoria Beckham Beauty line of products, one of the most famous of the Spice Girls and the better half of David Beckham – the lady showed up quite skinny in her recent outings.

Reason? She has been diagnosed with eating disorders! 

Current Status- Well, she has taken the advice of her trainer and friend and is looking forth to bringing some internal change to her diet. The work is in progress – though her latest picture seems to be showing her weighing less than even 100 pounds.

Why are the judgements pronounced so hard?

Well, these are some of the top celebs who have been pronounced by one and all as skinny celebrities – much before people bothered to hear their stories. Now the question is – when it comes to celebs, why are the decisions pronounced so hard? Well – the primary reason is – as individuals, the general viewers (we) in this case tend to look up to them as ‘idols’ (as people who might be physically human but having a model set of qualities that societal standards have set for specific genders).

Therefore – their every move, every inch, and every word is microscopically scrutinized, and they are placed in the people’s court criticizing the ‘wrong’ or rather a move that is perhaps a little different from the ‘standards’ set by society as you may see the ‘fallacy’ of people.

Managing your weight the correct way

However, if you are someone who is looking to improve their lifestyles – influenced in the correct way by the experiences of skinny celebrities – then you can follow the routines for a healthy weight loss format.

  • Dancing – Whatever the type or style – what matters is most celebs swear by different dance forms to keep their weight in check. Also, this is one of the modes that will help in consistent weight loss and does not negatively impact the body.

skinny celebrities

  • Controlling Portions and Managing Calories – Most people make the biggest mistake of cutting down everything completely or preparing a food chart that is depleted of essential nutrients.

This is one of the biggest blunders that people make; therefore, it is important that you consult a professional who will analyze your body type and prepare a diet chart accordingly.

#Most skinny celebrities who have been willingly losing weight follow a diet prescribed by a personal nutritionist.

  • Exercise – Nothing can beat this!! Eat well, lift weights, and get the cardio schedule right – and that’s precisely the recipe for a healthy body.


Wrapping up then –

Quite a judgemental society we are, isn’t it? Despite suffering from certain health issues – people are all set to judge them rather than hear their concerns. Nonetheless, hopefully, the purpose of this post is to acquaint you with some of the skinny celebrities and their stories. This will help you realize the judgemental nature of the world and become perhaps a better and less critical human being. Take care of your health, and you can always check out this space for some quirky posts.

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