When Is The Queen Of The South Season 6 Release Date? Here’s What We Know!

By | February 5, 2024
queen of the south season 6

When the Queen of the South debuted on US TV screens, viewers thought that it was another of the regular tales about drug cartels. Surprisingly, as it was in the middle of its transmission, the ratings started picking up, and it became one of the most noted sleeper hits of the US TV Network. With the Queen-led crime thriller releasing its 5th superhit season back in 2021, fans are desperately awaiting details of the Queen of The South Season 6 release date. Sad news, people. There has been no update on its renewal from the side of the television network, with Netflix putting out a statement that it would rather concentrate on reality programs from hereon than Netflix originals. 

But why did this happen so suddenly? This decision is not as sudden as it may look for the unversed. This article will give you an insight into the behind-the-platform story, where the current seasons are available, and the reasons for its popularity. For all the fans – 

When is the Queen of The South Season 6 release date? 


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Adapted from the Spanish telenovela – La Reina del Sur (which was adapted from a novel of the same name by the author Arturo Perez Reverte), this US television show has been a massive hit since the time it aired its introductory season. 

The Fox 21 Television Studio-led Netflix series recounted the tale of Teresa Mendoza, a poverty-stricken Mexican woman whose boyfriend was murdered, and how she thereafter created her own drug empire. 

The first 5 seasons were superhit, with the last of the episodes being aired on April 2022. Sadly for the fans who were waiting for the confirmation of Queen of The South Season 6 release date – the answer is: as of now, the show has been canceled. There has been no update from either NBC studios or the US television domain about its new season. 

However, fans and admirers of the show want to know more about the reason behind its cancellation. After all, it was one of those shows which garnered numbers with every season. We will disclose the same to you – 

Why was the show not renewed? 

Though there has been no solid reason for the same (some say that the latter seasons could not get the desired numbers on the TRP chart) formally, Netflix has announced that it would reduce its focus on original shows and concentrate more on its set of reality programs (currently, they supposedly are bringing in more moolah). 

However, this termination of the series was not as sudden as it may seem. In fact, if you check out Netflix’s spokesperson’s snippets from March 2021 Netflix – the chairperson was quoted saying – “For five incredible seasons, Queen of the South has captivated us…but now we look forward to a great season culminating in a finale…”

This itself gave a hint that perhaps most of the fans missed that – the fifth season was the last of this superhit series. Though at the time of its cancellation, the show was the ‘most-watched’ original show in its US domain, along with close competition from Dirty John and The Sinner – yet the platform decided to revamp their set-up and cancel the shows. Hence – no Queen of The South Season 6 release date was finalized. 

Where can you currently watch the show? 

For the fans and peers – you may watch this show currently on Netflix (all 5 seasons). However, for the unversed, Netflix has a policy of holding on to its set of original series for 3 years. The platform has done this previously with its – Colony and Royal Pains. Therefore with Queen of the South, it may do the same. Considering that, one may assume that the series will be on the platform till April 7, 2025 (reports from trusted sources). 

Why did the show gain such recognition? 

teresa mendoza

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With more and more people wanting to know details about the Queen of the South Season 6 release date – you might want to know why and how this show gained such recognition. Action-crime thrillers were nothing new on the US television network. However, the story of Teresa Mendoza, who flees to America after her boyfriend, who was part of the drug cartel, was murdered – and starts incidentally her own drug racket caught the attention of the viewers for numerous reasons. 

For starters – this was the first time when a Latina was prominently featured as a lead heroine. Check out any of the previous shows, and you will see for yourself how Latina heroines have been sidelined and given secondary characters – housewives, girlfriends, and mistresses. This show, on the contrary, made a star out of Alice Braga. 

Additionally, this series not only showcased the dangers of the narcotic trade (that manifests multiple folds when a woman heads it) but also the constantly striving individual against the misogynistic power structure (that the character of Teresa Mendoza depicted). The hint of the strategic American Dream, of standing tall against the odds in the hope of the green light, makes this show relatable to the US-based audience. 

Lastly, the incredible performances of the star cast and the way they have blended into this nail-biting thriller have held the interest of the viewers. The thrill of every passing episode only makes the wait for the release date of this show stronger. 

What do the cast and crew have to say? 

queen of south season 6

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With no solid piece of news available on the Queen of The South Season 6 release date, the cast and crew have given no media bites as such. However, they are aware of the cancellation of this show but have only shared happy memories from their shooting days via multiple social media handles. 

Two of the ex-stars of the show – Veronica Falcon (who played the role of Camila Vargas) and Ryan O’Nan (who played the role of King George) have stated that they will ‘miss’ watching a ‘credible’ show on the platform. 

Final thoughts 

As you already know, the news that the Queen of The South Season 6 release date was not available since the show was canceled. Assuming that you have watched the series on Netflix, you could always check out the original La Reina del Sur, which has been trending in many Latin American and European domains. For more news like this, keep browsing this website. 


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