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By | October 24, 2023

Have you been a fan of the American show Wheel Of Fortune? It has been airing since 1975 on ABC, with connecting channels NBC and CBS. The noted TV personality Vanna White has been associated with this game show since 1982! Yes, that’s quite up to 3 decades. She’s gorgeous, intelligent, and definitely one of the topmost-paid hosts globally. So, what is Vanna White’s net worth? This article will give you an insight into the same.

When you scroll through this write-up, you will get some clarity about her professional life beyond Wheel Of Fortune, her personal life and relationships, and some trivia about her. Here’s taking a look at her life –

What is Vanna White’s net worth?

After going through multiple financial magazines, one may state that Vanna White’s net worth is $85 million. Though there’s some controversy about the amount and some portals state that it is to be $90 million. However, we would like to keep it at $85 million (certain changes may occur in this figure due to inflation).

Her primary source of net worth is her earnings from her famous show, as a host – The Wheel Of Fortune. Apart from that, she has appeared in episodes of multiple TV shows. She also won a lawsuit against Samsung Electronics America.

Now that you know what is Vanna White’s net worth you would naturally wish to know how she earned her share of the cash. As you move down this content, you will get an idea of the same –

what is vanna white's net worth

How did she earn her moolah?

As you already have read, that Wheel Of Fortune has been her major source of earning. The data available regarding her income is only after 2017. When in 2017, she renewed her Wheel Of Fortune contract, she signed up for $10 million (a little less than Pat Sajak). Therefore, she earns approximately $34,000 per episode. For the record, the show is taped for four days per month.

She also starred in television shows such as Hollywood Squares, The Price is Right, Just Shoot Me, The King Of Queens, The A-Team, and The Newlywed Game to name a few. She also has worked in a couple of films such as – Naked Gun: The Final Insult, Graduation Day, and Double Dragon, amongst many others.

If you are seriously wondering what is Vanna White’s net worth and how she has managed to retain her wealth despite getting paid lower than her contemporaries is because – she knows how to diversify her asset portfolio.

She has invested in residential properties over the years. She initially owned a gated community property at The Mulholland Estates. She also had residential property at Beverly Park. Both these properties were later sold. She also had a $1.25 million Sherman Oaks, California, residential property.

That’s not all! When you to know more about what is Vanna White’s net worth – come two of her lawsuits. Though one was invalidated after some time, she won the other one. Let’s talk about them –

1. The Playboy Lawsuit

She had initially shot a couple of intimate photos for a photographer. However, later the photographer sold those pictures to Playboy Magazine. White sued the magazine as well as Hugh Hefner personally and stated that the photos were not shot for the magazine. Though the accused party refused the claim, after some time, the charges were dropped.

2. The Sony Lawsuit

In 1993, Vanna sued Samsung Electronics since they had aired a commercial where they used a robot playing the game of turning letters. For those who watched that commercial (it is no longer on air), it uncannily represented Vanna White. She raised concern over this mocking and won the lawsuit with a compensation of $400,000.

She’s also a bestselling author on the New York Times List. Her memoir, Vanna Speaks, sold a huge number of copies and got her an advance amount of $250,000.

what is vanna white's net worth

Vanna White and her association with Wheel Of Fortune

She, along with her co-host Pat Sajak has been associated with this game show for eternity. The dynamic duo has built a lasting legacy with this game show. However, there have been recent rumors about her quitting the show, as of now, nothing has been confirmed. In fact, the show has been renewed for another season (2024-27).

As you now have an idea about what is Vanna White’s net worth and you see the magic and enigma around her and the show, you can very well understand how people have attached her to the show. She, too has been ecstatic on more than one occasion, stating that – “it is hard to imagine a world where neither herself nor Sajak is hosting the series.”

Turning the wheels of fortune has been her passion for over two decades now.

Do you know this about her?

You might be busy wanting to know about what is Vanna White’s net worth and how she earns her money, but did you know that she’s a big fan of crochets? In her free time, she passionately indulges in crocheting and is also the brand ambassador of Lion Brand Yarn (under whose roof she launched her own Vanna’s Choice Yarn Line).

Recently she made her appearance at the Joann Fabrics and Crafts Store to celebrate her brand’s anniversary. During the event, she also announced that she would donate a part of her profits to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

Do you know – she was named “Television’s Most Frequent Clapper” by the Guinness Book Of World Records?

She was the primary singer and narrator at Santa’s Last Ride.

She was honored with a star on the Walk of Fame in 2006.

How is she faring in her personal life?

If you have received a proper response to what is Vanna White’s net worth here’s giving you a quick glimpse of her family life. Born as Vanna Marie Rosich, she began her career as a model and also competed in Miss Georgia 1978 run.

She was initially married to Chippendales dancer-actor John Gibson. After he passed away, she got married to George Santo Pietro, with whom she shares her kids – Nicholas and Giovanna. After their divorce, she was engaged to businessman Michael Kaye for a brief period. Last heard, since 2012, she has been dating John Donaldson, a contractor by profession.

Closing thoughts

As a fan and admirer, now that you know what is Vanna White’s net worth, do you have some trivia that you would like to share with us? Please leave your comments below. Keep following Biography Talk for more updates as this.

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