Want to know Travis Scott’s net worth? Here are the details!

By | June 16, 2023
Travis Scott’s net worth

This is the page to check out for those who are up to searching Travis Scott’s net worth. That partner, one of the best American rappers, has millions piled up. Yet, it is the passion for money that drives him every day. In his own words – “Money is something that keeps you alive and healthy and focussed ….it’s the drive…”.

Scott is truly an inspiration to look up to for a man who doesn’t believe in quitting – always manages to figure out a way amidst the difficulties set up by life. Here is a list of all his ‘assets’ that he has managed to garner since his introduction to the music scene in 2008! 

Travis Scott’s net worth

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Travis Scott’s net worth

Apart from his music deals – he partnered up as a brand ambassador for McDonald’s and Fortnite. With McDonald’s – he signed up a $20 million endorsement deal in 2020. The endorsement saw him create a limited edition celebrity meal with the burger outlet wherein $5 million was his endorsement fee and $15 million for selling merchandise. 

His free concert with Fortnite – the online game portal, not only earned him 27 million views online but a hefty amount of $20 million from merchandise sales! 

Travis Scott’s Nike shoes brand also returns him a handsome $10 million from annual sales. 

Music Sales Earnings

As one of the highest-paid earners in the world – between 2017 to 2018, his remuneration from different music tours was touted to be in the range of $20 to $25 million. 

Again between 2018 – 2019 (June) – his estimated earnings were close to $60 million. Between 2019 and 2020 – his gross returns from various music tours were touted at $40 million and upwards. 

#His Astroworld tour brought in an estimated $65 million in 2018. 

If one has to see the arch of Travis Scott’s net worth – the clear values are available from 2017, when he was worth $30 million. From there – it improved substantially from the 40s and 50s to a whopping number close to $65 million in 2022 (as per the latest available data).

#Random Data – For celebs like Scott, getting an estimate of their monthly income is almost impossible. However, multiple agencies claim (some have been verified) – that his monthly income from various endorsement deals amounts to $500k and upwards. 

Travis Scott also has ongoing lucrative deals with PlayStation and Epic Games, to name a few. Currently, his endorsement charges are at $1 million. 

Real Estate Earnings

Scott has huge real estate investments, which have provided him with some solid financial returns. 

In 2019, he bought himself a 12,000 square foot with a 1.5-acre gated area in Houston. It was a $14 million property and is currently valued somewhere between $20-22 million. 

Somewhere in the middle of 2020 – he and his partner Jenner invested $13.5 million in a Beverly Hills home, whose current market price is close to $19 million. 

Travis Scott’s net worth

In 2021 – he spent close to $24 million for a Brentwood home with his partner Kylie Jenner. Currently, its value has enhanced close to $30 million.

Closing into its heels – he again invested close to $6 million in a residential property near his Brentwood home in 2021. Clearly, that’s a hefty amount to invest and simply enhances Travis Scott’s net worth in current times. 

His $14 million Texas home and residential properties in Chicago, Vegas, and Houston (each of those properties currently priced at $10 million and above) cement his position as one of the richest rappers globally.

His Luxury Cars

From a $3 million Buggati Chiron to a Merc Mayback G650 of $1.4 million, his range is pricey and exclusive. The latest horse he invested in was a – Lamborghini Aventador.  

Therefore, even with the unsteady information obtained, one can clearly estimate his net worth in the year 2022 to be somewhere within $60 to $65 million. 

Scott’s journey – From ‘shrivels’ to ‘shine’ 

Born as Jacques Berman Webster and currently known by the pseudonyms of La Flame and Cactus Jack – Travis Scott’s story from a crime-infested Houston area with his grandmother to one of the most promising American rappers – his story from shrivels to shine is one worth noticing since this article is about Travis Scott’s net worth, how about taking a look at his journey to gain this wealth. 

Though he was born into a middle-class family with musical connections, he was financially cut off from his family when he dropped out of high school to pursue music. 

Travis Scott’s net worth

Starting his journey from a friend’s house floor, he has been dabbling in music since 2008. With his friend Holloway, he founded the music duet ‘The Graduates’ (2008). His next venture was – dual albums from ‘The Classmates’ (2009) with his schoolmate OG Chess. 

However, his breakthrough moment came in 2012, when he signed up as a producer with GOOD MUSIC and an artist with EPIC RECORDS. Since then, his Owl Pharoah, Rodeo, Bird in the Trap sing McKnight has only broken records worldwide. Finally breaking into the Hip Hop genre in 2015, he has earned 8 Grammy nominations and a Latin Grammy with a Billboard Music Award. 

It is a true saying that building up a brand and reputation can take a lifetime. However, it takes a lot more to maintain them. To have a look at Travis Scott’s net worth within such a short time span is quite inspiring – it shows one how going for one’s dreams is truly rewarding. Inspired much? Work towards your dream as well! 

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