Tracee Ellis Ross Net Worth Is $16 Million! Know All About The Black-ish Star!

By | June 23, 2023
tracee ellis net worth

Tracee Ellis Ross always stays ‘young’ and in ‘news’! Recently she shared her ‘first dip’ video on her Instagram account, and her fans were in complete awe of her. The ‘Black-ish’ actress and entrepreneur was recently honoured with an honorary degree from Spelman College, which added to her already stellar resume! So, at 50, how did she garner so much wealth? After all – the self-made lady’s public records state Tracee Ellis Ross net worth to be $16 million. What is her story? How does she manage to stand amidst her competitors?

This article will give you an insight into her professional worth and the standards she has achieved. Along with that, you will get an idea of her personal life (the rich auntie that she is called) and the obstacles she has faced to reach this pedestal of success.

Let’s get straight to the facts –

What is Tracee Ellis Ross net worth?

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Coming from the famed Ross family, it is no wonder that she will be a woman of fortune. Without a doubt that she is – what is surprising is, rather than seeking her family’s help – she decided to set forth on this journey alone and managed to build up a $16 million empire. With her career diversifying from films to podcasts to her haircare brand – Ross has ensured to strengthen her finances and make a name for herself in the competitive world of Hollywood.

That’s not all! She has also sent out her kindness to people in need and made a mark for herself in America’s political landscape with her codeword being – ‘I Am America.’

So, why not take a trip through her inspiring journey? Here it is –

What was her claim to fame?


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Though it was the American sitcom ‘Black-ish’ as Rainbow that cemented her position in the industry, Tracee Ellis Ross was already a well-known actress who had been a part of another American classic, Girlfriends!

In fact, while starring in Girlfriends, she earned NAACP Image Award nominations for 8 times, winning it twice in 2007 and 2009 as the Oustanding Lead Actress in Comedy Series. Apart from that, she has starred in a host of films and other sitcoms on various other channels, which has led to the numbers of Tracee Ellis Ross net worth increasing randomly! She currently hosts her podcast, I Am America, which has also seen huge success recently.

How did she accumulate her wealth?

Tracee Ellis Ross is a woman of multiple talents. Let’s see how she garnered all her wealth.

Her acting career –

Call her America’s mom Rainbow Johnson (Black-ish) or the Black spinster Joan Carol Clayton (Girlfriends); she has mastered every role.

Her role in Black-ish had a huge part to play in escalating Tracee Ellis Ross net worth. She initially started off by earning $60,000 per episode on the show, which went up to $200,000 per episode. Therefore, her total earnings from the show went up to $4.4 million.

Apart from that – she starred in other sitcoms such as – BET’s Reed Between The Lines, Daddy’s Little Girls, and Little. Though specific monetary details of the shows are unavailable, all of them were commercial successes, thereby improving her net worth massively.

She has served the role of an Executive Producer

For the record – she has served both as the narrator and executive producer for the show Mixed-ish (supposedly a spinoff of Black-ish). She was also noted to be the producer for Daria and Jodie (a new take on the popular 90s cartoon show- Daria). She has served in the same position for Hulu channel’s The Hair Tales.

Though her salary as an executive producer has not been notified in any portal, however, given her successful record, without a doubt, she will supposedly earn a handsome amount.

She owns a haircare line

As a propagator of Black rights, she started a black haircare line in partnership with Sephora and DoorDash – Pattern Beauty which has pushed Tracee Ellis Ross net worth forward by a whopping $2.5 billion.

According to a report by Forbes, this haircare brand that categorically targets to ‘empower and nourish curly, coily and tight hair structures’ (typically the Afro-American hair)has been a huge success since its launch. In fact, in terms of sales – it launched close to 1200+Ulta stores.

She also dabbles in films, stage show host and endorsements

Having noted everything, a chink portion of Tracee Ellis Ross net worth comes from lending her name to endorsements such as – a credit card advert from United Airlines Explorer and her voiceover in the film Little starring Marsai Martin and Issa Rae. Apart from that – she has also starred in a host of films such as – Far Harbor, Hanging Up, and recorded the vocals for The High Note.

For all those who missed the American Music Awards last year, Ross did a fantabulous job of hosting the show. She had previously hosted The Lyricist Lounge Show and The Dish.

She has her own podcast

Lastly, Tracee Ellis Ross also hosts her podcast I Am America, which has a great viewership. However, Ross’s team has revealed no details regarding its profits or the investments made on this podcast.

What is her role in the American political landscape?

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As an officially registered Democrat, she has been found multiple times supporting the party. In fact, her inclinations became all the more clear when back in 2020, she was seen hosting the Democratic Party’s National Convention second night. In her podcast, she also discussed the political landscape multiple times and encouraged people to talk about the same.

A quick look into her family lineage

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As mentioned before – Tracee Ellis Ross comes from a renowned family. She is the second eldest daughter of legendary singer Diana Ross and has 6 siblings. Fathered by music executive – Robert Ellis Silberstein, she, from a very young age, had the knack of making a mark for herself.

Thus, the fact that she has today been able to create a whopping net worth of $16 million independently is no surprise. She truly is an independent Black woman, an icon for the world to revere.

Final thoughts

Assuming you have read this article and now have a clear idea about Tracee Ellis Ross net worth- we sincerely hope that you are inspired by her story and wish to tread in her path. After all, to be a woman of worth standing in today’s world is no joke, and therefore one can surely state that Ellis Ross is truly a woman of substance. If you liked this content and would want to know more about celeb worth, then keep following this website.

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