Top 5 of the richest basketball player of the NBA 2022 Season!

By | July 20, 2023
richest basketball player

It must have been a sad moment for you as a basketball enthusiast when the world of sport lost a legend on July’2022, in the form of Bill Russell. As one of the NBA legends – he had registered 11 wins in his career, primarily as a centre for Boston Celtics. As you might have been reading quite many details of his family and net worth and other factors, you might just be interested in knowing who is the richest basketball player, part of the NBA or otherwise. Well – your search stops here!

When you read this detailed walkthrough, you will find out their net worth and some quirky facts about these players. Let’s not wait any longer and assist you in fruitfully spending the next couple of your digital minutes.

Slam dunking straight –

A listicle of the richest basketball player

This list will provide you with details of the player’s on and off-the-field earnings (not in any specific order, though). However, the monetary amounts are the statistics that have been obtained in the last annual year (2020 – 21) and are not adjusted according to the inflation rates.

#1 – Starting with LeBron James 

It is no doubt that this man belongs in the first position – when one comes to check the list of the richest basketball player. Popularly referred to as King James – he is associated with the Los Angeles Lakers and is touted as one of the highest – grades in the NBA (National Basketball Association).

Regarding – his sources of income and net worth – his earnings from his professional commitments with the Miami Heat, Lakers and Cleveland Cavaliers include some massive numbers. Apart from his 50% shares in Liverpool FC – his salary amounts to $41.2 million.

richest basketball player

Image Credit: Marca

Talking of the other sources of income – his endorsement deals include PepsiCo, Walmart, KIA Motors, and Nike, to name a few! From there, he pockets close to $90 million.

#His deal with Nike alone is $50 million! 

Net worth – $1.2 billion. 

#2 – Secondly, it is Stephen Curry 

Hailed as another of the richest basketball player – Curry plays for the Golden State Warriors (at a salary of $45.8 million)! As one of the best sharpshooters in the NBA, Curry has amassed huge wealth in the form of – a $200 million contract back in 2017 which was renewed and extended in 2022 with $215 million as the total fund.

With his own production company – Unanimous Media, and a deal with cryptocurrency platform FTX – his endorsement amount comes to $47 million.

#His deal with Under Armor pays him a handsome $20 million! 

Net worth – $160 million. 

#3 – On the Third number comes – Kevin Durant 

The basketball enthusiast who is looking through this list of one of the richest basketball player – just cannot forget this name! As one of the best small forwards of all time in the NBA – Durant was accommodated into the Brooklyn Nets with a whopping $164 million contract (4-year period).

With multiple awards and double-season wins – his endorsement deals include – NBA Topshot, Alaska Air Group, Weedmaps, YouTube, Nike and Coinbase, to name a few!

Speaking of his salary specifically – the last that was known of it was $40.9 million, while his endorsements fetched him – $47 million!

richest basketball player

Image Credit: The NY Times

#His investment at Postmate was further bought by Uber for a whopping $2.3 billion! 

Net worth – $200 million. 

#4 – The Fourth position goes to Giannis Antekounmpo 

What’s playing basketball if the ball-handling skills are not up to the mark? With the Greek-origin Giannis – surely one of the richest basketball player in the circuit currently – you have no room for complaint as an enthusiast! Listed as one of the youngest millionaires – he has won the Most Valuable Player for NBA back to back for the 2019/2020 seasons!

Primarily his earnings are from the franchise leads, apart from his endorsement deals from Hulu, WhatsApp, Tissot, JBL and Nike, to name a handful!

#He is called the ‘Greek Freaks’ and signed a deal amounting to $228 million with Bucks! 

Net worth – $80.3 million. 

#5 – The Fifth is taken by – Russell Westbrook 

Last but not least, in this list of basketball players and their net worth – Russell Westbrook is a revered name! Call him a record-breaking nine-time All-Team NBA member or the owner of 10 California based car-dealerships!

He got a massive amount of wealth from his team and his endorsement fees – up to $50 million.

richest basketball player

Image Credit: Twitter

#His most notable feature is winning the league MVP award and becoming the second player to average a triple-double in one season!

Net worth – $170 million. 


That was quite an exhaustive list! Though this list includes some of the richest basketball player, in no way can their talent can be overlooked. By the way – in this list mentioned above – who’s your favourite? Do let us know in the comments section!

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