The top celebrity wardrobe malfunctions – from Miley to Hadids!

By | August 14, 2023
celebrity wardrobe malfunctions

As you gleefully listen to Miley Cyrus crooning You – “I wanna set off alarms, deal out the cards …Smoke Cuban cigars, get kicked out of bars before two…” your mind suddenly seems to wander back to her 2022 ‘oops’ moment – at her New Year event. Despite her make-do, the next day’s tabloids had printed the event as one of the worst celebrity wardrobe malfunctions of the year!! What a pity!! Imagine having the best designers and yet unwantedly facing ‘the’ fashion faux pas moment!!

It seems that you are getting a bit more curious. So, as you keep listening to Cyrus crooning – why not check out some other wardrobe malfunctions in your browser?

Listing out the famous celebrity wardrobe malfunctions

Starting with Miley Cyrus 

The 2022 New Year’s Eve Party was not the only time that she was betrayed by her designer dress. Get back to the 2015 VMA’s and though she was actually rocking the risque outfit for more than a couple of hours at the party – post the Taylor Swift award-winning moment – her dress snapped, exposing her nipples.

As bad as it may sound, the live show continued for a couple of minutes, after which she realized and hid behind a curtain to save herself from further embarrassment.

celebrity wardrobe malfunctions

The Tara Reid infamous slip 

She was the star of Van Wilder and American Pie; in modern terms – you call her a promiscuous woman. Tara Reid – the lady with that glow did face one of the worst tabloid titled celebrity wardrobe malfunctions at the birthday party of P. Diddy. Her snaps betrayed, and off came one side of her dress, exposing her breasts untowardly.

Though she apologized and requested the media to delete the pictures, they soon became available worldwide. However – the result was: her getting support from all walks of life, and the picture was deleted from most of the sites.

Beyonce bends it again!!  

What’s a list if Beyonce doesn’t make the cut?? Well – Queen Bey has her oops moments tabloid printed as the celebrity wardrobe malfunctions and then just goes on like nothing’s ever happened. The 2016 Formation World Tour had her leotard rip – but she held it strong and haloed without dropping a beat!

That’s not all! Go back to 2011 – her dear dress went up at her Times Square performance. Call her pro or anything – she just knows her way with her dresses!!

The Royals are not left behind 

If you thought that royalty would be immune to fashion faux pas, you would be left wondering after checking out some of these celebrity wardrobe malfunctions that happened with the high and mighty. Kickstarting with the most beautiful princess – the late Lady Diana, who had the sun ‘see-through’ her skirt unwantedly. A couple of years later, Meghan Markle would be again playing to the sun in her pleated skirt. The dear Kate Middleton cannot be left behind. She, too, got her heels caught in the pathway or her skirt blown away due to gusts of wind and even a tan bra exposure beneath a black dress. The royalty and their woes!!

Salma Hayek jokes too well 

Another celebrity wardrobe malfunctions that happened but was passed on with a joke was of Salma Hayek – the lady graced the BAFTA 2022 in a gothic gown from Gucci but showed a little more than intended. The show ended with her stating – that in ‘order to cover’ one thing, ‘another thing’ gets exposed.

celebrity wardrobe malfunctions

Image Credit: Yahoo News

Cardi B sings it away 

Come what may – but the show must go on! The Bonnaroo 2019 concert saw a cheeky outing when Cardi B’s multicolor embellished jumpsuit gave an untoward peek-a-boo. However – the lady remained unfettered and went on with the concert only after wrapping herself in a white bathrobe.

“I said my face bomb, ass tight…Racks, stack up, Shaq height – anyone”? 

The Hadid sisters 

Let’s start with the elder Hadid first!! One of the best supermodels of the current crop that the world has seen – Gigi Hadid has had her share of infamous events multiple times. However – the hair flip girl has always maintained her calm every time an untoward incident has happened.

So, whether it was the 2016 Milan Fashion Week, where her black plunging neckline betrayed her, or the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in the same year, where her bra strap snapped off – she has handled every of these celebrity wardrobe malfunctions with calm! Topping everything was the New York Fashion Week back in 2019, where her heels simply broke off – but she managed the show tiptoeing. What a good pedicure can do!!

Coming to the other Hadid – well, she’s another story! Remember the 2017 Cannes Film Festival – where her sweetheart dress covered all but her innerwear? There’s more – another catwalk show by Alexandre Vauthier almost exposed her underwear completely – but like previous times, she managed to make sure that nothing came out of it apart from a couple of shots.

How did the term originate?

As you have read up on the worst celebrity wardrobe malfunctions that happened in the last couple of years, how about going a little back? When you go back to the 80s or the 90s, you will find that the term wardrobe malfunction did not exist; forget being used so often. So, how did it become this colloquial? The response is – post the 2004 Nipplegate controversy.

If you check out any of the entertainment tabloids of 2004 – you will find that Justin Timberlake first used the term to describe the Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime incident when he snapped a part of Janet Jackson’s dress for a flash lasting about half a second. However – the incident was televised to a viewership amounting to 144 million!! Though Timberlake apologized, he did make the term infamous.

Also, if you plan to go all back into the 1950s, you will find the infamous Sophia Loren controversy at the Paramount Pictures dinner party, which again received unwanted international attention.

You better be careful!!

It is no secret that when it comes to celebrities, as individuals, we tend to disregard them as our tribe completely. They are bound to be unreal ‘ice doll-like creatures’ who cannot have a hair out of place. Imagine their privacy flashed on Page 3 of the next day’s newspaper or that moment trending online under the title of ‘celebrity wardrobe malfunctions’!! Well – most of them are either used to this kind of news or deal with them accordingly – but you better pin up your clothes well before you step out. You might not be fodder for news, but it could be an embarrassing moment for you. So, be careful.


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