Who is a part of the Stranger Things Season 2 cast? Know here!

By | October 21, 2023

“When a young boy disappears, his mother, a police chief, and his friends must confront terrifying supernatural forces in order to get him back.” – That’s precisely how IMDb.com summarises one of the classic blockbusters on Netflix – Stranger Things. Tasting success with the very first season, in due course of time, it has become one of the most-watched series globally. This popularity has made many people want to know more about the Stranger Things Season 2 cast.

This write-up will give you a detailed idea of the cast members, their characters, the future course of the story, and some other specifics. Let’s wait no more and scroll down to meet the cast –

Who is part of the Stranger Things Season 2 cast?

Netflix released Season 2 of Stranger Things just amidst the Halloween celebrations to add to the eerieness. With the main cast returning for another season, this new installment has some additions. Here’s a handy reminder of all the cast members –

1. Millie Bobby Brown playing Eleven

Though there are multiple mysteries surrounding the presence of Eleven, apparently she is a 12-year-old girl who is a ‘guinea pig’ in the hands of Dr. Brenner, a sinister scientist. Though Eleven refers to Brenner as her father, she is (from what is understood from the story) actually the biological daughter of Terry Ives, another experimental scapegoat of Dr. Brenner in the 1970s.

Though Joyce Byers and Chief Hopper came across Ives in due course of their investigation, the presence of the daughter was not revealed.

Millie Bobby Brown is one of the key actors of this series with a Primetime Emmy Nomination to her name. She has been one of the lead actors and was part of the Stranger Things Season 2 cast. In further seasons, she is supposed to be a constant face.

Stranger Things Season 2 cast

2. Finn Wolfhard playing Mike Wheeler

When there’s a gang of kids, you will need a leader of the pack and Mike Wheeler is the perfect guy! In the first season of this series, you find him leading Lucas and Dustin to find out where Will Byers is and also form a romantic relationship with Eleven in the process.

Younger sibling to Nancy Wheeler, he is one of the best friends you would want and quite a lover to Eleven as well. As a breakthrough performer, Wolfhard has cemented his position well in the industry with more people wanting to know details about him.

3. Noah Schnapp playing Will Byers

Another key member of the Stranger Things Season 2 cast is Noah Schnapp, who plays the character of Will Byers. Unfortunately caught in the trap of the parallel universe called Upside Down, Schnapp wows the audience with his minimal but commanding screen presence. We hope he keeps doing well.

4. Gaten Matarazzo playing Dustin Henderson

It is no secret that the funniest souls on this planet are perhaps the saddest of the ones existing. Taking the example of Matarazzo who plays Dustin, the best friend to Mike, Will, and Lucas. For the record, Matarazzo is seen as a gap-toothed joker, but not many know the actor in reality suffers from cleidocranial dysplasia (a condition affecting bone and teeth development). Yet, he is one of the most hardworking and dedicated actors, as noted for playing a character in Les Miserables (2014).

5. Caleb McLaughlin playing Lucas Sinclair

Caleb, one of the oldest in the kids’ breed of the Stranger Things Season 2 cast started off his career on Broadway. Friends with Will, Dustin, and Mike – Lucas has a crucial role to play in searching for Will. Though a newbie in the acting domain, Caleb has done a wonderful job as Lucas, with the audience looking forward to the unraveling of the mysteries.

6. David Harbour playing Chief Jim Hopper

The Will Byers mystery caused the little town of Hawkins to rise from its deep slumber. The man spearheading the investigation is Jim Hopper, the empathetic man, who discovers a government-led conspiracy that leads to the world of Upside Down.

Harbour has been a well-known name in Hollywood with movies such as Suicide Squad, Black Mass, and Quantum Of Solace under his name. The first season ends on a note where he after betraying Eleven, leaves some goodies for her. The audience is waiting to explore more about his character.

7. Winona Ryder playing Joyce Byers

Winona Ryder is one of the most noted faces of Hollywood with multiple appearances to her credit as an actor. She is an essential part of the Stranger Things Season 2 cast as a single mother of Will. When her son goes missing into the world of the Upside Down and she receives messages from there, with the assistance of Chief Hopper she embarks on a journey to save her son.

8. Charlie Heaton playing Jonathan Byers

Will’s brother and eldest to Joyce Byers, Jonathan apart from his sneak-a-peek chemistry with Nancy, has been a loner all his life. Portrayed in the best manner by the 23-year-old British actor, the character of Jonathan Byers has been liked by many.

When talking of the same with a news portal, Byers stated that he loved the character and unlike his tussle with the character of Steve onscreen, in reality, he is friendly with Joe Keery. He also mentioned his days as a struggling actor when he played minor roles in Casualty and DCI before the opportunity to be a part of the Stranger Things Season 2 cast came along.

Stranger Things Season 2 cast

9. Natalia Dyer playing Nancy Wheeler

You love her as the bookish and nerdy older sister of Mike and without a doubt, Natalia Dyer, famous for her appearance along with Miley Cyrus in Hannah Montana is doing a fantastic job. Playing the on-and-off girlfriend to Steve Harrington, Nancy with Jonathan and Steve tackled the Demogorgon and banished it back to its original place.

10. Joe Keery playing Steve Harrington

Steve Harrington, one of the most popular kids at Hawkins High School, was dating Nancy Wheeler. As the show progressed, so did the characters and a simple love affair was suddenly marred by jealousies and tensions by the addition of Jonathan Byers as the third wheel in this Steve-Nancy love story.

Though initially, the character was not emotionally involved with the other characters of the series. With time its popularity rose to the extent to make people question – does Steve die in Stranger Things in the upcoming seasons? As of now, though, there is no news of the same!

Talking of the actor Keery playing the character of Steve, he had previously been cast in small roles in dramas such as Empire and Chicago Fire and a KFC commercial.

Apart from being an actor, and currently an important part of Stranger Things Season 2 cast – he is also a musician, an ex-vocalist-cum-guitarist for Post Animal (Chicago-based garage rock band). In July 2019, he released ‘Twenty Twenty’ his first album.

Who are the new faces of the Stranger Things Season 2 cast?

The abovementioned actors are part of the recurring cast of Stranger Things. However, this season – a couple of names have been added to the cast. How about checking out their credentials?

1. Sadie Sink as Max

She is the newest addition to the block! The confident but tough tomboyish Max is part of the Ghostbuster gang and has major roles to play with respect to the boys. In due course of time, people are expecting a love triangle between – Dustin, Lucas, and Max!

Though apparently the character of Max is shrouded in mystery, and she is seen brandishing a plastic knife and pumpkin, without a doubt her presence will add some new mystery to the show.

The actress Sadie Sink has previously worked in shows such as – Blue Bloods, The Americans, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and American Odyssey to name a few!

2. Sean Astin as Bob Newby

He is known as the date of Joyce Byers, and also the potential enemy of the budding Byers – Jim Hopper romance. But, without a doubt, he is one of the best characters in the Stranger Things Season 2 cast. A nerd, but a kind-hearted soul who runs the Hawkins RadioShack, he is a decent fellow whom the viewers will love.

The actor Sean Astin has been featured in films such as – The Goonies, and The Lord of the Rings trilogy (the hobbit Samwise Gamgee).

3. Dacre Montgomery as Billy

The elder brother to step-sister Max, he is edgy, mean, a bully, and definitely a man holding prejudices! He is almost equivalent to the human villain with his ugly domineering nature. Inspired by Stephen King’s horror books, the actor playing the character has been doing a fantastic job!

On the one hand, Dacre plays Billy who is a charismatic and Camaro – driving pro. On the other hand, he steals other people’s girlfriends and harbors grudges against them. Montgomery was previously seen in Better Watch Out.

Stranger Things Season 2 cast

4. Linnea Berthelsen as Roman

The last addition to the Stranger Things Season 2 cast is the magnetic but mysterious character of Roman. With a minuscule role in the series, the Danish actor Berthelsen is a newbie in the scene. As of now, Netflix has kept her character under wraps.

What is happening in the further seasons?

When you move into Season 3 with the Stranger Things Season 2 cast – you are to get involved in the mysteries the Starcourt Mall presents and the possession games that Mind Flayer is playing (yes, he is back despite Eleven closing the portal!)

With Season 4, you get to see three plotlines running simultaneously and parallel to each other, where the killing of teenagers, Mike visiting Eleven, and Hopper being held prisoner in a soviet prison comes to the limelight.

As of now, the story has come to a stop with this season, and viewers and fans are desperately awaiting Season 5. Are you too waiting?

Netflix the show now

That’s all the information we have about Stranger Things Season 2 cast. The streaming platform has already aired Season 4 and now the viewers are awaiting Season 5 of this hit series. If you did not get the time to catch it up, you can now stream it online. For more details on the same, you can always get back to this page.

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