Political Controversy Queen Candace Owens Net Worth Is $5 Million!!

By | June 16, 2023
candace owens net worth

Candace Owens is controversy’s favourite child. As one of the most noted political commentators, activists, social media personalities, talk show hosts, and authors – she wears multiple hats!! A right-winger, she is now actively involved in promoting Trump’s presidential propaganda countrywide. Recently, she was involved in a filthy anti-trans rhetoric when she commented on how Target was selling transgender-inclusive articles. No wonder this news article piqued people’s interest in the lady herself with – queries about Candace Owens net worth (a massive $5 million), her latest rants, and her controversies. 

This article will give you an insight into her professional worth, career details, how she garnered this popularity and also her current situation. Let’s get to the details – 

What is Candace Owens net worth? 

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Image Credit: Vanity Fair

From multiple credible sources, the financial experts have put together her net worth to be $5 million as of 2023 (first quarter). However, quite like the controversial queen herself, her net worth seems to have undergone some changes. Certain unverified websites claim her net worth to be $3 million – mostly earned from her podcasts and author talks. Again, certain authorities have stated that Candace Owens had inflated her professional net worth to show a $10 million balance. 

Since none of the above-mentioned claims stands true and the public records hold her net worth to be $5 million, we would like to pass on the same to you as credible information. Also, there has been a confirmation by the financial pundits seeing the increase in her net value that it will supposedly enhance by a solid 20% in the years to come. However, the surprising factor is – how a school dropout who earned an annual starting salary of $40,000 ended up being a millionaire. The next section will document the story for you –

How did she earn that moolah? 

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Image Credit: NBC News

Owens has had one of the most interesting career profiles amongst her contemporaries. For the unversed – she started her career as an intern for Vogue magazine in 2010. She then went ahead to set up her career as an executive at a private equity firm in 2012. This career change significantly pushed forth the official metrics of Candace Owens net worth. 

Her Business ventures – 

However, in 2015, Owens started her business venture Degree 180, which she both co-founded and served as CEO of. It was a market agency that offered planning, consultation, and production services. Post that – she has only seen success in her professional career, which surely has brought her both recognition and money. 

In 2016, she set up a website to unmask the real faces of people who bully on the internet. She followed up her work by partaking in the Conservative Advocacy Group ‘The Turning Point’ in 2017, where she served as the Communications Manager of the Group. She held the position till 2019. 

Her media ventures – 

Post this – Candace Owens net worth significantly increased when she joined The Daily Wire to host her own show. She followed this up with her podcast – ‘Candace’ on the same platform that debuted on – the 19th of March, 2021. For the unversed, she already had her own YouTube channel (1.64 million subscribers) where she shared her views, with the most recent The Candace Owens Show garnering eyeballs. 

Topping everything – she released her book – ‘Blackout: How Black America Can Make Its Second Escape from the Democrat Plantation.’ This book supposedly sold over 70 thousand copies and definitely cemented her position as one of the most saleable authors. 

Her non-profit organisations – 

She enhanced her participation in social activities when in 2018, she got herself officially registered as a Republican. She took it further when she participated in the Blexit Movement, which encouraged minorities, Latinas, and Afro-Americans to leave the traditional financial structure behind and join the Republicans leaving behind the Democrats. 

Therefore, one can surely say that in terms of her career and earning some moolah – Candace Owens has done a fantastic job. In that case, let’s see where she has invested her money and get a glimpse of how it all started.  

Is there any information about her investments? 

Real estate details – 

To all who are looking for answers to this question, though there is information of her owning 5700 square feet home in Connecticut and a host of high-end luxury vehicles – none of these are confirmed. Having said that, without a doubt, she has made some solid investments, as per her financial representatives – but they have not officially given out the records of the same. 

What was her academic career like? 

Though she is one of the most controversial political figures currently in the American political landscape, her academic career is quite limited. She attended Stamford High School and then went on to attend the University of Rhode Island, with her major being in journalism. However, she quit her studies mid-way due to a lack of money to pay off her student debt. Though her academic career ended here – her internship with Vogue set a precedent for a stupendous professional career, which ultimately led to the massive Candace Owens net worth. 

A glimpse into her personal life 

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Image Credit: The Guardian

Born in Stamford, Connecticut – she was primarily raised by her grandparents after her parents divorced when she was 11 years of age. She married George Farmer in 2019, and the couple share two kids – a girl and a boy. 

For the record, Farmer is an entrepreneur and political activist who was also the serving chairman of Turning Point UK. The couple live in Connecticut. 

Last thoughts 

The fact that a woman of her stature will only go ahead in her career is no surprising news. Last heard, she was supposed to join Sky News or Fox News as a commentator. Additionally, she has also stated that she wishes to run for the office of the governorship of the United States Senate in 2024. Without a doubt, this would escalate the already humongous Candace Owens net worth, in the upcoming times. 

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