Know about Saturday Night Life star Pete Davidson’s net worth!

By | September 19, 2023
Pete Davidson’s net worth

Pete Davidson is living up to his reputation as a Ladies’ Man! Last heard, he was dating a Kardashian, and then a few days back, he took his rumored love interest Emily Ratajkowski for a Knicks game. Just when things were supposedly heating up between the two, he was spotted having a good time with his co-star Chase Sui Wonders outside his plush NYC apartment. The pair was spotted in casuals fuelling the rumors of their ‘things are heating up’ scenario. The man with the charm is seemingly one with moolah as well! So, what does Pete Davidson’s net worth look like? It stands at $8 million.

Let’s check that out and a little more!

Why is Pete Davidson so famous?

Are you a fan of comedy? There’s no chance you could miss out on the ‘fixture’ on ‘Saturday Night Live’ since 2014 – Pete Davidson. An established comedian, the persona is also known for his acting, screenwriting, and producing capacities. Apart from SNL, he has also made his presence felt on shows such as – The King of Staten Island, Comedy Underground with Dave Attell, and Guy Code, to name a few.

So, how does this man manage to do it all – make people laugh out loud and date the hottest of ladies? Topping everything, Pete Davidson’s net worth stands at a whopping $8 million. That is just the beginning. As per the latest trade reports – he has managed to quadruple his earnings from 2018, thereby promising himself and his fans that there’s more to come by.

What is Pete Davidson’s net worth?

From the information compiled – it stands, as previously mentioned, at $8 million. A story from Cosmopolitan states that – when he started out at SNL – his salary (his primary source of income is listed as a cast member of Saturday Night Life) was a mere $7,000. After roughly five seasons, his salary increased to $15,000, meaning he made around $315,000 for a 21-episode season.

Pete Davidson’s net worth

Another rise in Pete Davidson’s net worth was when the salary of the cast regulars rose to $25,000 – with him earning half a million paycheck.

Apart from his gig at this show – he has been a significant part of multiple films, television shows, and music videos, which in all these years have added to his net worth.

We will discuss his career choices – but before that, let’s get a sneak peek at his early life and career.

A glimpse of his early life

Pete Davidson’s net worth today might be skyrocketing, but he was born into a humble US family. His father – Scott Mathew Davidson, was an NYC firefighter who sacrificed his life on duty during the 9/11 World Trade Center massacre. His mother, Amy Waters Davidson, is a homemaker. He also has a younger sister – Casey Davidson.

His father’s death took a significant toll on his mental health, and he started acting in school to deal with this trauma. He was educated at St. Joseph By the Sea High School and got admitted to St. Francis College before dropping out.

How did he start off his career?

The tryst of earning this massive Pete Davidson’s net worth started with  – a dare at the Staten bowling alley at the age of 16. Since then – he has come a long way in depicting his comic acts in Failosphy (2013) and a month later in Guy Code. He followed up his success with Gotham Comedy Live in 2013 and was featured in the show – Nick Cannon Presents: Wild N’ Out and Sober Companion (Fox Comedy Show). 

How does he earn his moolah?

The primary source of addition to Pete Davidson’s net worth is his television appearances, films, music videos, and endorsements. Though specific details of his film and endorsement salary structure are not available to the public, one knows that he earns roughly $15,000 from an episode of Saturday Night Life, making him one of the highest-paid artists.

In terms of endorsements – he is a known face of brands such as – Calvin Klien, Manscaped, Mooseknuckles, and SmartWater, to name a few!

His net worth has also increased through his appearances in movies – Big Time Adolescence, The Dirt, The Suicide Squad (where he played the Black Guard with John Cena’s Peacemaker), and The King of Staten Island. 

The other television arenas where he has appeared are – comedy specials such as Pete Davidson: SMD (Comedy Central), Pete Davidson: Alive from New York, Pete Davidson Presents: The Best Friends (Netflix), Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and The Late Night Show With Jimmy Fallon. 

What are his investments?

With diverse means of income, the man has made some attractive investments. The list consists of – some premium real estate investments to picking a former ferry. Let’s do a quick fact-check of  Pete Davidson’s net worth and where it is invested.

  • He is co-owner of a bar in NYC called – Pebble Bar. Inaugurated on February 28, 2022 – his partners in this investment are – Jason Sudeikis, DJ Mark Ronson, Justin Theroux, and Nicklaus Braun.
  • With fellow comedian Colin Jost and club owner Paul Italia – he purchased a retired Staten Island Ferry at an auction for $280,000. They further plan to turn it into a New York Club.
  • In 2016, he invested a $1.3 million home for his mother in Staten Island, NY.
  • In 2021, two blocks from his mother – he bought a 2-bedroom apartment in Staten Island for $1.2 million.

At the time of this article’s printing, there was no further update on Pete Davidson’s net worth and related investments.

How about checking his love life?

The comedian-actor-producer has had a comparatively colorful romantic life. He has been linked to many famous women, Ariana Grande and Kim Kardashian, being the most famous of the lot. Though he has not confessed to dating anyone as of now, he is being spotted all over the town, painting it quite in the color of love.

Before we go in to check some future plans about how he wishes to enhance Pete Davidson’s net worth – here are some bits about his romantic life.

In the list of his infamous dating history, the prominent names are Carly Aquilino (2014-15), a comedian, and a bevy of actresses, including Phoebe Dynevor, Kaia Jordan Gerber, Margaret Qualley, Kate Beckinsale, Cazzie David, to name a few.

However – his romance with two women sparked some real fire! He was engaged to Ariana Grande in the summer of 2018, just after one date! But unfortunately, the spark died quietly, and by the fall of 2019 – they had split due to personal differences. Later, Grande mentioned him in one of her songs – Thank U, Next.

Pete Davidson’s net worth

The next big-shot romance he was involved in was – with Kim Kardashian. They dated from September 2021 to November 2022 and were among 2022’s most-talked-about couple. Sadly, the couple who provided some classy pop-culture moments is no longer together!! Their differing time zones and busy schedules “made maintaining their relationship difficult,” and they had to part ways. They have decided to ‘remain friends’ and cheer for each other.

Though there has been no confirmation about his latest romantic interest – he is seen hanging out with some gorgeous women. Be assured – you might just hear some news coming!

Before you leave

Now that you have a better insight into Pete Davidson’s net worth, would you like to check out some other facets of his life? Here are some facts you might not know about him –

  • He suffers from Crohn’s disease and is prescribed medical marijuana. He has also confessed in a Marc Maron podcast about his use of recreational marijuana, but since then, he has cut back on his consumption.
  • He loves tattoos, and over 40 of them adorn his body. The most famous among them is his father’s firefighting badge  – 8418, imprinted on his left arm.
  • You might love to have more information about Pete Davidson’s net worth – but it comes with immense mental pressure. On December 15, 2018 – his Instagram story on suicidal thoughts sparked some untoward rumors among his fans and followers. The New York Police Department conducted a wellness check on him but found everything to be normal.
  • He had to be admitted to rehab once in 2016. His struggles with alcohol and drugs went to such a level that he was threatened with being terminated from the show.
  • They were also reports of his mental breakdown in 2018 when he wanted to self-treat himself with alcohol. He was put under therapy, and since then, he has been sober.
  • He was finalized for traveling to space as part of the Jeff Bezos headed – Blue Origin’s 20th space mission. Later the plan was dropped.
  • During the time he was dating Kim Kardashian (just after her divorce from Kanye West) – he was harassed online by the rapper. For the same – he had to seek trauma counseling.
  • In the February of 2022 – he suddenly announced that he was moving to Brooklyn from Staten Island. A further update has yet to be received on the same.
  • Do you know – he received the Best Actor award for The King of Staten Island, loosely based on his life at Staten Island. He also shared the Best Original Screenplay Award for this film with Jude Apatow and Dave Sirius.

Wrapping up

That was all that you wanted to know about your ‘SNL’ fave Pete Davidson’s net worth and personal tidbits. Did you like this post? If you want more of such content – keep checking this website.


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