Pawn Stars Rick Harrison Net Worth Stands At $9 Million!

By | June 15, 2023
rick harrison net worth

Let’s go back to 2009 – who would have thought that an unscripted reality show set around a 24-hour pawn shop would garner such massive success? Surprisingly the Pawn Stars became a global sensation, and everyone associated with the show garnered huge moolah, along with Rick Harrison, who was a fairly unknown name till then. However, now that the show is looking to be renewed for another season – people are browsing through to know specifics of Rick Harrison net worth, his earnings from this show, and some other details.

As you scroll down this article, you will get specifics of how Pawn Star gained such popularity, in what way Harrison contributed to the success of this show, what he has gained from this financially, and how he handles his finances. Let’s get started –

What is Rick Harrison net worth?

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Image Credit: History Channel

Unlike other reality stars, who have certain discrepancies in their income and professional worth, Rick Harrison, in multiple domains, has clearly stated his wealth to be around $9 million. Public records, financial compilers, and his representatives have also confirmed the amount to be $9 million. Hence, we can take this to be a credible amount.

How did Pawn Stars help him reach this position?

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Image Credit: USA Today

Pawn Stars was a reality show that gave the audience a glimpse of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, Nevada. The show concentrated on the pawn shop of the Harrison family and how the customers bring in unique historical items, and Rick, his son Corey and fan favorite Austin ‘Chumlee’ Russell try to bring in those goods at minimal rates.

For the novices, Harrison was the owner of the famous pawnshop and was already having a flourishing business prior to the show. The famed Gold & Silver Pawnshop was featured in Comedy Central’s Insomniac. It was from here that the History Channel picked up the idea.

However, after the show – he cashed in on the Pawn Stars merchandise and brand name and enhanced the Rick Harrison net worth to what it is today – a humongous $9 million. As per news reports from the sets, Rick Harrison’s per-episode salary was $500,000 during the initial seasons of the series.

This was subsequently increased with the success of the show – the details of which, however, are not available.

However, this was not the only source of his income. He has partaken in many other jobs, which subsequently increased his professional net worth.

What are his other sources of income?

A little birdie confirms that apart from his reality show, he dabbles in real estate as well, which earns him some pretty lucrative financial deals. As of the time of writing this article, this is the only source of income that has been confirmed.

How does he invest his money?

Since Harrison deals in real estate, therefore to date, his major investments have been in real estate itself. Post the success of Pawn Stars – he invested the profits of the show in a restaurant called – Rick’s Rollin Smoke BBQ and Tavern. The restaurant was a huge success.

Apart from that – he also invested in a property, the RedRock Country Club House in Las Vegas, for $3.99 million. This 8,000-square-foot house comes with acid-washed granite with multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, and a wine cellar. Located in the posh area of Las Vegas – this house overlooks Arroyo Golf Club and Red Rock Canyon’s Spring Mountains.

What is the recent controversy about Harrison?

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It seems like when you are part of a reality series, controversy does not leave you! Quite the same is the case with Rick Harrison. Thanks to the success of Pawn Stars, he has garnered massive fortune but is embroiled in a controversy with his mother JoAnne Harrison.

A Fox 59 report claimed that JoAnne had stated that Rick had filed false financial papers, and after the death of Old Man, Rick’s father – Rick had illegally taken over parts of the business that originally belonged to his mother. Also, no financial proceeds were paid to JoAnne by Rick in the meantime.

In fact, she was deprived of her ownership stake in the shop.

A little detail about the controversy –

She also stated that a huge portion of Rick Harrison net worth was what originally belonged to her – given that she held partnerships in Harrison Properties (35%), Pawn Shop (47.5%), and G&S Pawn Shop (50%).

Added to this, Rick’s mother had also stated in her petition before the court that – from 2018-2020, Harrison had sent his mother $25,000 per month. During the Covid 19 pandemic, the payments were reduced to $20,000 per month before stopping. She had gone ahead to claim that from January-April and June-October (2021), she did not receive any payments, despite Rick Harrison officially filing his taxes.

That’s not all! Rick Harrison’s finances and reputation were both at stake when his mother claimed that he had blocked her from claiming the family’s trust fund that had $500,000 of silver and $100,000 in terms of bills. JoAnne also claimed that she was blindsided by Rick when she signed papers for a $3 million loan that was claimed using her assets!

Post this lawsuit, Rick Harrison claimed that his mother was informed wrongly, and the allegations made were untrue. There has been no update whatsoever of any definitive answer in terms of the lawsuit.

Is Pawn Stars making a comeback?

The latest season of Pawn Stars was aired in August 2022, and it was a smashing hit, thanks to the traveling that was done as part of this show. Naturally, fans are expecting the reality series to make a comeback, but the History Network has not yet officially announced anything.

Till then, you can watch the old episodes on History Channel, Hulu, Netflix, Peacock, FuboTV, Pluto TV, and Sling TV.

Final thoughts

Are you waiting for another season of Pawn Stars? Well, you are not the only one who is, and without a doubt, this season would be no less of a success than its previous seasons.

If you liked this content on Rick Harrison net worth and would want to know more about him and the show – keep following this page.


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