Who is Discovery Hottie Parker Schnabel partner?

By | October 25, 2023
Parker Schnabel partner

Are you a fan of Discovery’s Gold Rush? Then you must know about the ‘breakout star’ of Gold Rush, Parker Schnabel. He is one of the youngest American gold explorers and a reality star. At the young age of 28 years, he has gained immense popularity, some suggest, more than his grandfather. The Gold Rush is coming back with a 13th season and his fans are excited!! They want to know more about Parker Schnabel partner, his feats, what his future plans are and when will the audience get to see him onscreen.

This digital write-up will give you a closer look at his romantic life and his professional successes. So, let’s get started-

Who is Parker Schnabel partner currently?

Multiple sources have confirmed that – Parker Schnabel is currently dating co-gold miner Brit Sheena Cowell, who works for Knickerbocker Glory. The couple has not confirmed their relationship status, in fact, denying the same multiple times. Whenever people have questioned their relationship status, they have mentioned themselves as close friends.

However, as they say – nothing can save you from the media’s prying eyes if you are part of showbiz. In this case, as well, people wanted to know more about Parker Schnabel partner – Cowell, particularly in this case. Therefore, the Discovery channel and other media outlets kept monitoring their movements post their show. As of now, there’s no further news of the same. Therefore, some portals are suggesting that perhaps Parker Schnabel is single and there’s no such update on his love life.

Parker Schnabel partner

Who were the women he dated in the past?

Though currently, the details of his love life are not available, but everyone knows about several of Parker Schnabel partner over all these years. He has dated multiple women before, the most famous of them being Ashley Youle, a veterinary nurse, and Tyler Mahoney, a co-miner and reality star. If you read any of his interviews, you will find him speaking highly of both these relationships. So, what were the stories like and why did it not work till the last? We will discuss the same here –

When Ashley Youle was Parker Schnabel partner, they both did the reality TV series Gold Rush, Season 7. She was a veterinary nurse who met him at Australia and was introduced as his girlfriend. Post that, their dalliance was very much in the eyes of the media and when she joined Parker’s team, she did not mind getting her hands dirty.

Ashley was a crew member of Gold Rush, and according to every member of the show, her presence was nothing less than sunny. Also, Parker himself was extremely impressed with her capability to handle multiple tasks and put her in the Gold Room with Chris Doumett. For those who have watched the episode will know – how Ashley mined out gold worth millions.

In fact, in an interview, Schnabel clearly stated that Ashley had all the qualities required in Park Schnabel partner. He always called her helpful and stated that it was great fun to have her around. But unfortunately, their relationship did not last long. In Season 8 of Win Big or Die, Trying Schnabel revealed that the couple was no longer together.

Though multiple reasons were given for the breakup, but what came up before everyone was – Schnabel and Ashley did not get much time with each other since the Discovery crew was always over their heads. The crew had even set up drones to capture their private moments. This led to multiple miscommunications and altercations between the couple, leading to their breaking up with each other. Though the couple did not put out any media statement, a section of the netizens trolled Parker for this breakup.

What were the rumors about Taylor Mahoney?

When it comes to news about Parker Schnabel partner the media always seem to be in a frenzy! Tyler Mahoney is a 4th generation gold miner from Australia. Her family has been in this business for generations and Mahoney herself has assisted in the family business where she sold gold nuggets. She’s a native of Kalgoorlie and has the tenacity and a sharp eye to figure out the details of any mining area – a skill she depicted in the Gold Rush.

She also has definite knowledge of geology and excels in mining gold (her Australia diaries are worth a watch). The rumors about the couple started when she shared the screen with Parker Schnabel in the 2022 edition of Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail (a spinoff of Gold Rush).

They both shared each other’s photos on Instagram and that even fueled the rumors of their marriage in 2018. But once the program ended, they parted ways and since then there has been no mention of the couple.

For the unversed – she is a well-known professional who has created a business portal The Prospectors Club that shares knowledge about gold-digging. We are looking forward to knowing more about gold digging from her.

Parker Schnabel partner

How did he become so famous?

You might have initially thought that mining was a profession restricted to the 1800s, but Parker Schnabel has proven otherwise. For the detractors feeds on Parker Schnabel partner might be crucial, but the man otherwise has also garnered laurels for his mining techniques and the gold gathered. The mining area is mostly restricted to Dawson City, Canada – and since its season premiere in 2010, Parker has been a fan favorite.

There’s not one moment in Gold Rush wherein the audience would feel bored. Attacks by wild animals, getting shot at, and searching out new mines to get your hands on the gold – there’s too much of a rush when it comes to Gold Rush and Schnabel is a man who deftly handles the same.

Initially, he appeared on the show with his grandfather, based out of Big Nugget Mine, Alaska. But after his death, Parker has worked extremely hard, even invested his gains into the mining sector to ensure that the name remains strong.

The efforts show and the popularity of Parker Schnabel have been growing ever since. It is no secret that if Discovery’s Gold Rush is running for seasons together with high viewership, Parker Schnabel and controversies associated with Parker Schnabel partner have a huge role to play in the same.

Who are his family members?

Parker Schnabel comes from a miner’s family, with his grandfather being the famous John Schnabel, the owner of Big Nugget Mine (this was at a time when the show was based out of Alaska, Porcupine Creek). He was born to Roger and Nancy Schnabel. After his grandfather’s death in 2016, he has taken over his grandfather’s company and he is doing a good job of running the same.

When do we get to see him onscreen next?

As of now, nothing has been confirmed about his return onscreen. But if reports are to be believed, the next season of Gold Rush awaits his presence.

Closing thoughts

Currently, the digger is too young to marry, and therefore people will have to wait a little more before they get concluding info about Parker Schnabel partner. But if you are looking for more information about his digging operations or his television appearance – keep checking this website for more!

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