Missy elliott weight loss Transformation: From Struggle to Success

By | October 20, 2023
Missy Elliott weight loss

Missy Elliott is in the news again! Check her Twitter account, and she claims to be – ‘ahead of my time.’ When her fans saw her at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards, she was almost unrecognizable! She had lost almost 30 kgs, making ‘Missy Elliott weight loss story’ trend on search engines. But how did she manage to shed those kilos? Did she follow some strict schedule, or was it her exercise regime? Partly both, along with the side effects of Grave’s disease. Yes, the American rapper has been suffering for a long time.

Biography Talk brings you details about her weight loss story, from missy elliott weight loss to how she survived – her struggles documented for her fans and admirers globally.

 Missy Elliott’s Turning Point: Motivation to Embark on a Weight Loss Journey

The 90s Misdemeanour lady has had an illustrious career in the hip-hop scene. Recently she was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame and cemented her position in the annals of rock-n-roll and hip-hop -party music!

However, at the 65th Grammys – despite wearing loose-fitting clothes, her fans spotted her reduced weight and started commenting all over social media platforms.

Missy Elliott weight loss

Though most of them speculated that, quite like other celebs, the Missy Elliott weight loss story was also due to a weight loss surgery. However, Elliott herself revealed the story of her Graves’ disease (first diagnosed in 2008), and she is still under medication. She also gave a glimpse into her life from 2008 – 2011, during which she lost significant weight. In fact, if you check her professional credentials, she did not work much during that period.

Additionally, after she was diagnosed with the auto-immune Graves’ disease, she faced accelerated hair loss, bulging eye syndrome, constant change of moods, and sudden spells of dizziness. Her medical practitioners had warned her that things could go out of hand if she did not seek immediate help. However, she soon grasped the scenario and started working on herself to ensure her health was better. After consistent efforts, missy elliott weight loss journey came to a stable position.

Do you know about Graves’ disease?

For the unaware, Graves’ disease is an auto-immune disorder that causes an overproduction of the thyroid hormone (in layman’s language – hyperthyroidism). This also affects the person’s motor skills, and the person gains unnecessary weight. Given that it is incurable, the only way to prevent this disease from further harming your system is by ensuring you maintain a healthy lifestyle and control your food intake.

How did she cope with this constant weight loss issue?

Though for us, the sudden Missy Elliott weight loss story trending on social media was a matter of shock, for her, it was the result of a long-drawn workout strategy. In one of her interviews, she stated that she had worked tirelessly to lose close to 70 pounds that she had gained in 2014.

Again, in 2018, she gained weight (as mentioned before, her condition is untreatable and hence requires consistent monitoring). After consulting her doctor and dietician, she went on a strict diet and exercise routine. Though initially, it was difficult for her, as she has stated in multiple interactions with the media, to monitor her weight, with time constantly; things became better for her. Later, when this constant weight fluctuation kept happening, she was more at ease and was able to work out things with herself.

What diet – exercise routine did she follow?

Since the time Missy Elliott weight loss story started trending online – the hip-hop music icon has been questioned incessantly about her diet and exercise routine. Regarding her diet, the diva confessed – she had been drinking only water for the last 4 months and had completely refrained from having juices and soda. She had also given up bread, which according to her, was the most difficult food to give up. Her current diet includes foods with minimum calories and fat content and high in protein.

Another crucial factor behind missy elliott weight loss that she took care of was – her exercise routine. You must know that in Graves’ disease, you have to take certain precautions about the exercises you perform. The crucial ones are – strength training and aerobic exercises. However, Elliott, in one of her interviews, stated that in her condition, one couldn’t manage to exercise at a stretch for more than 15 minutes. Just in case you decide to follow the Missy Elliott weight loss regime to shed some kilos, you must remember this.

Also, she wholeheartedly supports the yoga regime, which she stated has assisted her in managing stress (she needs to balance it to reduce the aggravating effects of her physical condition).

As per the latest information – she is gearing up to release her new song and is concentrating on her PETA associations.

Missy Elliott weight loss

How is she doing now?

As of now, missy elliott weight loss become a trending news among all. She is doing fine and surely working towards creating some more groovy tracks. Though initially, she was the subject of multiple speculations, she took the trolling in her stride and raised awareness about this illness. She gave her fans a glimpse of her weight loss journey and enabled them to garner clarity about her condition.

She also posts about hitting the gym regularly. A true blue rapper -singer-songwriter-social media star that she is, she has managed to cash on the trending Missy Elliott weight loss journey to inspire her fans globally to become more aware.


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Frequently Ask Questions 

Q1: How did Missy Elliott achieve her weight loss?

A: Missy Elliott achieved her weight loss through a combination of a balanced diet, regular exercise, and lifestyle changes. She focused on incorporating healthier food choices, portion control, and engaging in consistent physical activity.

Q2: How much weight did Missy Elliott lose?

A: Missy Elliott has not publicly disclosed the exact amount of weight she lost. However, through her weight loss journey, she underwent a significant transformation, which is evident in her changed appearance and improved health.

Q3: What motivated Missy Elliott to embark on her weight loss journey?

A: Missy Elliott’s motivation to embark on her weight loss journey stemmed from a desire to improve her overall health and well-being. She wanted to make positive changes in her life, both physically and mentally, and inspire others who may be facing similar struggles.

Q4: Did Missy Elliott follow a specific diet plan to lose weight?

A: While Missy Elliott has not disclosed following a specific diet plan, she emphasized the importance of adopting a balanced and healthy eating approach. This likely involved consuming nutrient-rich foods, avoiding processed items, and focusing on portion control.

Q5: Has Missy Elliott been able to maintain her weight loss?

A: Missy Elliott has showcased her ability to maintain her weight loss over time. Through consistent dedication to a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise and mindful eating habits, she has been successful in sustaining her transformed physique and overall well-being.

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