‘Stay’ hitmaker the Kid Laroi net worth

By | October 28, 2023
Kid Laroi net worth

Even if you are not a regular on Instagram, there’s not a chance in a million you have missed out on the earworm – “I’ll be fucked up if you can’t be right here…” From Insta videos to YouTube video mixes – Kid Laroi’s Stay is everywhere! Are you, too a fan of this number? Have you too been searching for various details such as his other hit numbers, his next album, details of his romantic life, or even the Kid Laroi net worth?

Well, this digital write-up will give you a detailed idea of his net worth and his sources of earnings, as well as a sneak peek into his personal life. Why wait? Here are the details –

What is the Kid Laroi net worth?

The data accumulated from multiple sources and financial magazines depict – the Kid Laroi net worth to be within $4-$5 million (depending on the inflation rate of the economy). Officially named as – Charlton Kenneth Jeffrey Howard, the singer primarily earns from his singing career, YouTube paid adverts, brand sponsorship, endorsements, and other modes of social media.

With a reported monthly income of $40,000+, he in the last quarter of 2022 was stated to have a net worth of $4.89 million. In fact, compared to previous years – the Kid Laroi net worth increased by a whopping 23% in 2022.

But what are his sources of earnings? Also, what about his assets? As you scroll down in the next section of this digital write-up, you will receive answers.

Kid Laroi net worth

What are his primary sources of earnings?

When you are talking about the Kid Laroi net worth – the primary source of this humongous amount are – live performances, global or domestic tours, music albums, endorsements, brand promotions, and sponsorships. Apart from these primary areas, he also has an income from social media portals and paid adverts.

To get into the specifics of his income and net worth, Charlton Kenneth Jeffrey Howard has a YouTube income ranging up to $72 thousand on a monthly basis. His Instagram earnings also ramp up to approximately $300k on an annual basis.

As of now, these are the sources of the Kid Laroi net worth that have been revealed by his agency and also compiled from multiple financial magazines. As soon as further news is available, we will update you on the same.

Has he revealed any of his assets?

Though the Kid Laroi net worth is currently in the public domain, as far as his assets are concerned, he and his publicist have only revealed snippets. There are no available details about his property, but he does seem to have a penchant for high-end cars!

From the details revealed, he owns a Tesla Model X that costs around $119,990. He also owns a Bentley Betayga that came for a price of $170,000 and a Tesla Model 3 priced at $56,990. Though there are some portals that inform the readers of Howard owning a range of other beasts, no details have been confirmed from his end.

How did he become a sensation?

Kid Laroi, or Howard as his family knows him – shot into the limelight after his global concert with Juice Wrld in 2018. Prior to that, he had recorded his single, Disconnect (his debut) – yet he, until his rap concert, had not gained adequate coverage suited for an upcoming star like this. Therefore, this concert served as a benchmark for recognizing his talent globally.

What are his breathtaking numbers?

Kid Laroi started his career at the early age of 11 years when he recorded his rap number on his mother’s handphone and uploaded the same on SoundCloud. When he was 14, as mentioned before, he recorded his single Disconnect, which is officially taken as his debut single. This song was added to the SoundCloud page in August 2018, and it became a huge hit.

He followed up his hit with – In My Feelings, which was released in the latter half of 2018. As he was ready to hit on his 15th birthday, he debuted with an EP – 14 With A Dream, that featured 5 songs. These music numbers had a huge role in escalating the Kid Laroi net worth.

In 2019, he brought forth his single Winning, which garnered more than 2.5 million spins on the SoundCloud platform. He followed up his success with another album, Let Her Go! His other creations include – Go Dumb, Addison Rae, Diva, and Too Much. His mixtape F-ck Love (2020) ranked No:3 on BillBoard 200. This was followed by hits Tell Me Why and Need You Most.

Is there any detail found about his family?

The Australian rapper has quite a family to boast of. His father, Nick Howard sound engineer cum music producer. While his mother, Sloane Howard, is a talent manager and music executive. He also has a younger brother – who goes by the name of Austin Howard.

Though his agents have not confirmed the same, but Howard does come from a family having money, which invariably adds up to the Kid Laroi net worth that he states of having.

Kid Laroi net worth

What about his romantic liaisons?

Do you now have a fair idea about the Kid Laroi net worth? Then how about getting a little glimpse of his romantic life? He is currently dating Katarina Deme, a fellow social media influencer. As a known TikTok influencer, Katarina has a massive social media following, and the couple boasts of a stable relationship. They have been found multiple times gracing the red carpet. Also, with the latest gossip doing the rounds, the couple is looking forward to tying the knot of marital eternity soon.

Is there any music to look forth to?

In January 2023, he released his single stream Love Again for his fans and followers. He also exploited his partnership with Epic Games in his Fortnite experience called Wild Dreams. His fans are currently looking forward to his full-fledged album that is supposed to be hitting the market anytime now.

Trivia about Kid Laroi

  • His stage name Laroi is based on his mother’s connection with the indigenous Australian tribe – the Kamilaroi tribe.
  • A massive addition to the Kid Laroi net worth is from the clothing brand that he has under his name – Laroi Family. This brand sells hoodies, tees, caps, jackets, and masks (post Covid 19) under its name.

Closing thoughts

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