Kelly Rowland Instagram Page Is A Fashion Lover’s Paradise!

By | June 14, 2023
kelly rowland

Every time you decide to scroll to Kelly Rowland Instagram page, you will find her serving hot looks! Whether it is her all-black ensemble that has left her 15 million fans in a jaw-dropping scenario, or the style goal she served a couple of months back in her two-piece – or the latest leg-show in her cut-out dress – the former Destiny’s Child star never fails to wow.

In this article, you will not only get a look at her Instagram-style game but also the secret to attaining her Goddess-like body. So, without delaying it any further –

What does Kelly Rowland Instagram account look like?

kelly rowland instagram

Image Credit: Instagram

If you are hovering on this page seeking info on Kelly’s Instagram page, either you are a newbie or you want to know more! When you grovel through her profile, you will see her sharing details of her workout sessions, a series of her fashionable poses, specific details of her family (her marriage anniversary, her sons Titan and Noah), the projects that she is currently working on (apart from a singer, she is an actor, television host, motivational speaker, and fashion model).

For netizens having hawk eyes, more than once, they have spotted her sharing a beef with former Destiny’s Child bandmate Beyonce and a host of dance videos. Are you someone who prefers to look through celeb’s Instagram pictures and style out a life like that? Rest assured – she is your ultimate idol!

How does she maintain herself?

kelly rowland instagram page

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Whether you are a fan or not, without a doubt – her Instagram pages serve sweltering looks! You will mostly see her working out with Kim Kardashian, where the ‘girl gang’ is mostly found in sports bras and leggings showing off their abs. Thus, one may clearly state that she is a regular gym girl who loves to exercise and maintain a toned body.

In one of her Insta fan-meet sessions, she also mentioned the need for healthy eating apart from exercise to maintain a toned body. From chin-ups to flip-flop workouts, she is a regular!

So, what is the secret mantra to her sculpted figure? Time to check that out –

How to get toned abs like Rowland?

kelly workout

Image Credit: Instagram

If you are here with us, then one may assume you are quite inspired by the looks served in the Kelly Rowland Instagram profile and would want to achieve a toned body like that. For the unversed – Rowland, a singer and TV personality, categorically trains with Jeanette Jenkins, the famed celeb fitness trainer.

In case you have been following her online for a couple of years, you must have seen the body that she has managed to achieve post-pregnancy.

This section will give you an insight into how she has managed to shed those pounds and tone her abs – with tricks that even you can follow.

  • Bicycle Crunch

Want toned abs like Rowland? The bicycle crunch is your ultimate answer! One of her favorite abs workouts for this, you will have to place your hands below your head and lift the shoulder off the floor. After this, you have to bring the knees up and, with the help of your opposite knees, reach the elbows. While you tighten and engage the abdominal muscles, you have to keep rotating from one side to another.

  • Russian Twist

Not just Kelly Rowland but every other celeb in town loves this workout format. Either you can keep the sit bones to the floor or raise your feet – thereby bending your knees. Then you will have to create a V shape with your upper body and thighs and sit back at a 45-degree angle. After that, you can lock your fingers and thereby extend your arms. Tighten the abdominal muscles and rotate your hands from either left to right or vice versa.

  • V Hold

Definitely one of the most-opted exercises for one and all – for this, start by keeping your hands under your thighs. After this, you can let go of your legs and lift them up and straighten slowly – with you bending at a 45-degree angle.

  • Side Plank

Anytime you check out Kelly Rowland Instagram workout pictures, assuredly, you will find her doing side planks. One of the best ways to keep your body toned – for this, you can lie on any of the sides, either left or right, and extend your legs from the hip to the feet. Whichever side you are facing, you will have to keep that elbow under your shoulder and ensure that it is in line with your spine.

For the novices, this exercise is primarily targeted to sculpt your abdominal muscles, and for the same – as you proceed, you will have to keep your torso straight to garner maximum benefit. Ensure that your hips and knees are off the floor.

  • Double Leg Reach

This exercise – is categorically helpful in improving the body’s stability and coordination. In this case, you will have to start by keeping your hands below your head and lifting your shoulders. While doing the same, you will have to pull the knees towards your hips by maintaining diagonal movement of your legs. Continue taking short breaths during the whole process.

  • Love Handle Crunch

This is the last of the specific exercises that Kelly Rowland swears by! To categorically sculpt the waist area fat and strengthen the abdominal muscles – you will have to begin by turning your knees to the left and raising your upper body. Then, you will have to contract the navel towards your spine and, in the process, lower your body. Once done – follow it up by turning towards the right side.

Final thoughts

Assuming you already follow Kelly Rowland Instagram account, you are privy to most of her style statements and life’s tidbits. However, if you do not count yourself in that 15 million crowd, it is time you do. Her profile is one that serves you nothing but the best in terms of style and workout regimen.

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