Jesse James West Age Controversy – Know All About His Fitness Routine!

By | June 13, 2023
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Do you want to know how to look younger than your age? Ask Jesse James West! The social media influencer, fitness coach and content creator garnered huge popularity by posting his fitness videos on his personal YouTube channel. Also, his recent prank with Ronnie Coleman was a huge hit! For the unversed – Jesse James West age is 23 years. However, when you look at him or check him out in his fitness videos – he does not seem to look a day over 18! So, what’s the secret to this eternal youth? This article will detail it for you –

What is Jesse James West age?

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For the record, Jesse James West was born under the Aquarius sun sign and is 23 years of age. Given the super success of his YouTube channel and workout recommendations, he has been in the limelight for a considerable period. With the motto of – staying relentless and encouraging fitness, he has been hosting a range of training programs on his YouTube channel, which boasts 2.73 million subscribers.

So, what is this fuss over his age? Why does everyone suddenly want to know about his fitness routine? Let’s check that out.

What is the ‘fuss’ over his age?

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Since Jesse James West launched his YouTube channel in 2016, every video of his has garnered thousands of likes! People love his routine fitness videos, pranks, and talks on improving mental health by pushing the boundaries with physical health. He recently uploaded a video wherein he pulled a prank on Ronnie ‘The King’ Coleman. One of the most respected and globally followed fitness gurus, Coleman, was fooled by Jessy when he used fake weights while filming his bench press workout videos.

Since then, there has been a massive interest on social media, with more people wanting to know about Jesse James West age, net worth, career and other details. Apart from that, the fact that he is a young social media star and the heartthrob of many (check out his 20 Girls in A House video, where many girls are in awe of his looks!) clearly keeps him trending on multiple portals.

As one of the youngest fitness influencers, Jesse James West believes that a proper workout (targetting the correct areas), a healthy diet and medical supplements (after duly notifying your medical practitioner) is the key to getting a fit body. He has shared his fitness routine in his videos that you may follow. In the next section, the ‘secrets’ of his workout routine and diet are documented for better clarity.

How does he manage to look so young and fit?

Jesse James West categorically believes in 3 things when talking about fitness – workout, food, and protein supplements. Let’s see what his specialised routine looks like –

His workout regime

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It is no secret that regular workouts boost your energy levels, improve your blood flow, and remove toxins from your body. In this way, naturally – you get a fitter and leaner body and better skin. Naturally, people tend to look much younger than they actually are! Quite similar is the controversy around Jesse James West age. Though he nears his mid-twenties, look at him – and he looks quite the teenager. Let’s check out the workout routine he follows –

He roughly puts out a workout chart that he follows weekly. A glimpse from the same shows –

  • His shoulder and leg workout includes – rows (both upright and bent over), lunges, squats, raises (both calf and side lateral) and shoulder presses.
  • Regarding his chest and back workout – he tries to concentrate on pushups, bench presses and barbell bents. He also dedicates time to both chest presses and chest dips.
  • To power his abs and arms – he prefers curls (both hammer and biceps), crunches, leg raise, pushups, tricep extension, and plank holds.
  • Regarding managing his biceps – Jesse James West categorically concentrates on – seated row, bicep curls, reverse grips, preacher curls and both dumbbell and resistance band curls.
  • Lastly – one of his favourite activities and definitely a huge full-body workout plan is surfing! He loves to surf and enjoys his weekends surfing by the sea.

You can always pick up some of these activities and try to fit in your workout schedule to ensure that you better your physical – and, in extension, mental health, which in the long run will make you look much younger than your age!

A sample diet chart he maintains

For the novices, what one eats directly affects their skin. Hence, if you wish to look younger and age backwards, quite like West, here is a sample diet chart you may look through –

Breakfast – He prefers oats (or any fibre-rich food), topped with blueberries (or any berry-like fruit), almond butter and walnuts. He supplements it with – almond milk topped with honey, Greek yoghurt, and chia seeds.

Lunch – For this, he prefers to have brown rice and grilled chicken. At times he shuffles it with a bowl of steamed vegetables sprinkled with black salt.

Dinner – West categorically states that the dinner must be rich in lean protein. Hence he prefers a broccoli and salmon combo paired with a salad – tomatoes and cucumber sprinkled with feta cheese and olive oil.

Supplements he prefers

As far as supplements are concerned – Jesse James categorically believes in – protein powders, pre-workouts and creatine-packed contents for increasing muscle mass and improving energy levels. Though he does not promote any brand, he ensures that one must choose high-quality brands for desired results.

How about taking a lesson or two from him?

As you have seen for yourself how he manages his workout routine and his diet, which helps him stay fit, you can always choose to modify your workout session and diet by imitating him. Maybe you could pick up a couple of exercises that target your flabs categorically and tailor your diet chart by replacing or adding a couple more protein intake.

However, before you create any such routine for yourself, it is best to consult your medical practitioner to understand your body type.

Final thoughts

Now that you have got the clarification about Jesse James West age and how he manages to maintain his body and looks, charming millions around the world – it is best you take up the exercises and diet picks that you can follow and work accordingly to improve your looks and age backwards! For more of such interesting content, keep following this website.

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