Free Britney Trends After Spears Talks to Court About Her Mental Health

By | September 27, 2023
Free Britney Trends After Spears Talks to Court About Her Mental Health

American singer, songwriter, and pop culture sensation Britney Spears asked the court to end her conservatorship. She requested the court during the rare public testimony on Wednesday. Soon fans and friends poured in more tweets sharing their views with hashtag Free Britney.

She said that she is afraid and hurt. According to her, some people controlled her life for thirteen years.

Spears made her statement in the first public testimony after releasing the documentaries about her case this year. The singer conveyed her feelings to Brenda Penny, the judge of Los Angeles County Superior Court.

Statements made by Britney

Britney requested the end of her conservatorship without evaluations. She also stated that she wants to visit the therapist at her house. She added that she does not want to go to Westlake as the media person can cause embarrassment for her.

This 39 years old singer has been under conservatorship since 2008. Since then, some allegations rose against her father. She said that she was forced to take many psychiatric evaluations along with medications. Spears also said that she is afraid of her father for controlling her. She did not tell anyone about these as she thought that no one would believe in her words.

Britney told the court that she never faced the courtroom for quite a long time as she felt that the court was not hearing her statements.

The testimony highlighted her dissatisfaction with not being able to pursue her personal desires. According to her testimony, she cannot make decisions like taking a break from work, getting married, or having children.

Spears stated that she wants to remove her birth control device to have another baby, but the conservators refused to do so.

The singer stated that she lied to the whole world that she is alright. She now tells the truth of her life and wants freedom and absolute control.

Britney pleas help from the court

Britney claims that she had no idea of the process of lifting the conservatorship. She did not know that she could request the court to terminate this conservatorship. The daughter has been “enslaved” by her father’s demands and desires. Also, Spears faces punishment if not fulfilling any of the demands.

Spears revealed that she once wanted to decline a house in Vegas. However, her therapists said that she was not cooperating and not taking medicines properly. According to her statement, after that, the therapist placed her on lithium. The medicines made her feel drunk and afraid after that. Additionally, she explained that her father totally loved the control he had on her.

Spears wanted her own attorney who will be taking care of her also she agreed to choose her own medication plans. She thinks that the present medication and treatment are not going well for her and requested to change it.

Britney exclaims being bullied, left out, and tired of being alone

Spears raised some allegations against her therapist too. According to her, the therapist used his powers badly. The therapist and her father forced her to do shows all around the year without any breaks. Also, she was forced to take a treatment facility costing $60,000 a month by her father.

Britney said that she believes that the treatment is not required for her as she has not done anything wrong, and it was not right to force her for anything.

Response from James Parnell Spears

The judge immediately terminated the public section from the court after announcing that someone violated the courtroom norms. The rules do not allow anyone to record, broadcast or tweet the hearing live. The counsel of Britney’s father gave a brief remark just before the public was thrown out.

Mr. Spears’ attorney stated that his client feels devastated to see her daughter’s pain and suffering. He also said that Mr. Spears loves both of his daughters. Mr. Spears refused to talk to the media after the hearing. Also, no official petition filed to terminate the conservatorship after the hearing.

Background of the conservatorship

After a public breakdown in 2008, James “Jamie” Spears became the conservator of Britney. He was the only executor of her daughter’s properties after 2019.

The ex-co-conservator, Andrew Wallet, resigned in the same year. Soon after that incident, Britney’s attorney Samuel D. Ingham III submitted a petition against Jamie to terminate him from the conservation. Ingham stated that his client is afraid of her father and wants to end this conservatorship immediately. He also said that Britney would not perform till her father stops looking into her finance matters.

Penny then refused the request and appointed a financial institution as her co-conservator. Additionally, the court assigned a person named Jodi Montegomery for her non-financial needs.

After all these, Ingham, last year, filed a motion to restart the case. At that time, her father tried to stop the proceedings from keeping the family secrets personal.

Free Britney campaign

Fans supported Spears in the latest development of the case. They started an online campaign named #FreeBritney to terminate the conservatorship. Some people started to abuse Jamie and said that he did all these with her daughter for his personal interests and gains.

Her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, uploaded a selfie of himself wearing a t-shirt with a Free Britney print. He also said that he doesn’t respect her father. Sam and Britney have been in relation since 2016. He commented that he wouldn’t go into details as he is concerned about their privacy.

Her brother also said that Britney always wanted to end this conservatorship. He said in a podcast that all the incidents happening are causing frustration for him. He supports his sister and also the free Britney campaign raising awareness for her justice.

Jamie, along with his team, continuously denied the allegations against them. He said many times that he loves his daughter in his heart.

Vivian Thoreen, the counsel of Jamie Spears, said to the media in march that Jamie’s utmost priority Britney’s protection.

Britney’s life and legal battles are the trending topics on the headlines. Two documentaries named “Framing Britney Spears” and “The Battle for Britney: Fans, Cash and a Conservatorship” recently released by the New York Times on HULU and BBC programs.

Both the documentaries focused on Britney’s life, fame, conservatorship, and the legal battles to terminate that. Britney has made very few public comments about her personal views on conservatorship.

Campaigns for freedom

Britney talks about the roles of media

In an Instagram post, she stated that the documentaries would impact her career. Mostly the impacts are negative. She also protested that the way the documentaries highlighted her traumas.

Britney also asked her fans about her comeback on the stage and the topic of her new music video. Britney canceled all her upcoming stage shows in 2019. She also received in-patient mental health care for a month.

Britney is glad that a certain part of the media supports her. From celebrities to fans, there are thousands of people tweeting free Britney to put an end to her sorrows.

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