Does Steve die in Stranger Things? Breaking the news now!

By | October 5, 2023

Spoiler alert!! You can now breathe! Steve does not die in Stranger Things!!

Since its launch on Netflix in 2016, Stranger Things is one of the shows that can get global digital lovers talking!! The first season with its mere 8-episode trajectory kept viewers asking for more, and this happens every time the show unveils its respective seasons. Currently airing the fourth season, the fans of the show are left in a frenzy about whether their favorite character will survive another ordeal at Hawkins. So, does Steve die in Stranger Things? If not, then who does? What happens next in the story? What one may expect from the next installment?

There’s a barrage of queries that the fans and admirers have with respect to this series. This write-up will ensure that you have answers to all your respective queries. Let’s get it rolling in the land of Hawkins –

Does Steve die in Stranger Things – what do we know?

From what we have seen in the past 3 seasons of this show, currently airing its 4th season, despite being in tumultuous conditions – Steve Harrington, or as recently we know him better as Nancy’s protective boyfriend has had a range of taxing adventures, and near-death experiences. But somehow he has been lucky enough to evade death.

Having said that, one cannot deny that Stranger Things, as the name suggests do bring a range of twists that does make everyone wonder – how things are going to work out in the future.

Now that we know that Steve, as of what has been shown in the series does not die. For viewers who have just started enjoying this show, they would want to know a bit more about the character before delving deep into the mysteries of Hawkins. So, here’s trying to understand the character –

Does Steve die in Stranger Things

Who is Steve Harrington?

Steve Harrington, one of the Hawkins High School kids in the US-science fiction horror series Stranger Things came to the limelight, initially as a bully and over-protective boyfriend of Nancy Wheeler. However, with the mysteries deepening – the character has undergone a change – from a negative person to a positive individual.

For those who have just started watching this show, you may have seen Steve getting a couple of enemies. But with the furthering of the seasons, we see (and surely Nancy and the others at Hawkins High) how he has changed his behavior and outlook. Whether it is the showdown with Demogorgon or sorting things with Jonathan, he has made a place for himself ensuring people care to question – does Steve die in Stranger Things?

How is the ‘actor’ taking the character?

From what his interviews reveal about his character, the actor – Joe Keery, is ‘doing a great job,’ and ‘he loves playing the character to the core.’ Also, with every passing day, he is looking forward to exploring more about his character. Without a doubt audience also are loving the actor portraying the character with the query of does Steve die in Stranger Things trending online.

Talking a bit about the actor playing the character of Steve, Joe Keery – also a musician by profession has played minor characters in previous shows such as Empire and Chicago Fire. A native of Massachusetts, Keery started his acting gigs while in high school.

Though previously he has featured in a couple of arenas, Stranger Things was his breakthrough role. What’s more interesting is – though initially, his character started off as part of the recurring cast, he soon was promoted to series regular, and joined the Stranger Things Season 2 cast in all his glory.

For the record, he is a part-time musician as well, who was previously a vocalist-cum-guitarist attached to Post Animal (a Chicago-based psych and garage rock band). He used to release his songs under the pen name ‘Cool Cool Cool.’His debut album ‘Twenty Twenty’ was released in June 2019. Though he is no longer part of the band, at times during gatherings of his band – he does perform with them.

How did the character of Steve progress?

With the menace of Vecna spreading through the domains of Hawkins, Max dies before Eleven could save her. In the meantime, talking about the future Steve is in no safe zone and can be in jeopardy at any time. With viewers constantly asking does Steve die in Stranger Things the mystery is piqued to another level.

As far as the character of Steve is concerned, he has turned from a jealous boyfriend in competition with Jonathan Byers to a protective puppy-lover caring for Eleven every moment she is in pain. It is truly a wonderstruck experience to watch the character evaluation of Steve, who initially wasn’t introduced as the most popular character of the series.

Originally introduced as a bully, the character of Steve underwent one of the best redemption arcs in television – becoming one of the best characters ever! From his ever-changing relationship status with Nancy Wheeler to his endearing friendships with Robin Buckley and Dustin Henderson, Steve did catch us all by surprise!

Currently, the audience are loving their chemistry and surely the transformation of Steve has sat well with the viewers. With dates for Season 5 inching closer, people would surely want to see more of this character. Without a doubt, Joe Keery the actor behind the character of Steve Harrington has done a fantastic job!! The audience are wanting to know and see more of the same.

What do they show in Season 4?

With the premier season starting off in 1984 in Hawkins, the fourth season works out in 1986, with three plotlines at work. Talking of the initial plotline, the leader of the Dungeons and Dragons group – Eddie Munson is held as the primary suspect in Chrissy Cunningham’s murder case. Very soon though the truth of Vecna is revealed.

The other plotline goes such – as Mike visiting Jonathan, Will, and Eleven at their home in California. As Eleven goes missing, the others go in search of her.

The third plotline includes – Hopper being held in a Soviet camp in Kamchatka and a forced battle with Demogorgons. Amidst so much happening, the viewers are still awaiting a response to the query – does Steve die in Stranger Things.

Does Steve die in Stranger Things

Does somebody actually die in the series?

Stranger Things has lost a couple of characters this season, but the loss of Max Mayfield is incomparable. Vecna’s terror and Eleven’s trials are unparalleled. But this season did see some unfortunate endings for characters.

Though the answer to does Steve die in Stranger Things remains negative, the series has lost characters such as – Eddie Munson, Sam Owens, Fred Benson, Chrissy Cunningham, Martin Brenner, Jason Carver, and the unnamed citizens of Hawkins (22 of them).

With the future in limbo for not just Eleven but a number of other characters, death doesn’t seem fearful for the characters of this series. As morbid as it may sound, we need to look out for more such instances.

What you can expect from Season 5?

With the fans awaiting Season 5 of Stranger Things, one may expect – an expansion in the love life of Steve and Nancy, a return of the groups of Season 1, the backstory of Vecna, the inversion of the timescale, Hopper and Joyce’s relationship and the manner in which Dustin deals with his grief. However, as of now – there will be no new characters included in the town of Hawkins.

Having said that – one must state that Stranger Things in due course of its 4 seasons have proven that when it comes to the evils taking place at Hawkins, there’s none who is in the safe zone! Could Steve be the next casualty? Does Steve die in Stranger Things? The questions are endless and so is the mystery of Hawkins which shows no sign of slowing down!!

Key takeaways

One cannot deny that within a very short span of time, Steve, despite not being the central character has garnered immense popularity. With more and more people wanting to know about does Steve die in Stranger Things it is evident that the significance of this character has in no way faded.

Let us know your thoughts on where Season 5 could take us in terms of Steve Harrington and other characters. You can catch him in the latest Season 4 of the series that dropped on July 1 on Netflix.

We will keep bringing more of such content for you! Till then – catch Stranger Things Season 1-4 streaming now on Netflix.


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