Do You Know #1 YouTuber Mr Beast Net Worth Touched $100 Million?

By | June 14, 2023
mr beast net worth

If you love watching reaction videos or philanthropic stunts on YouTube, chances are high that you love Jimmy Donaldson’s works! From the start of 2023, he has been in the news for buying out the North Carolina neighborhood for his employees and then his ‘supposed feud’ with a long-time co-creator. Is this not ringing a bell? We are talking about Mr Beast, the guy with the biggest YouTube subscribers! Touted to be the most-followed YouTuber, he has subscriber statistics of 153 million, making the official Mr Beast net worth a whopping USD$100 million!!

Without a doubt, after replacing PewDiePie (in November 2022), this YouTube star has been at the top of his game!! Whether it is funny compilations of multiple video games or a host of philanthropic videos – there’s no other to him. How about learning more facts and figures about the ‘mass favourite’ video creator?

What is Mr Beast net worth?

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For the record, Donaldson’s net worth official figures stand at $100 million. However, some of the websites have also claimed his net worth figures to be within $105 – $106 million. Though there is no formal data to back up these figures, one may consider believing this data since they claim to be inflation-inclusive. However – Celebrity Net Worth formally records the figures at $100 million.

Whatever the official figures, you must be curious about how he gets his money! Here are the secrets –

What are the sources of his income?

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Donaldson, or Mr Beast, as you know him, has multiple sources of income. From his YouTube videos, brand sponsorships, range of investments, and restaurant collaboration – MrBeast Burger, he has been raking in some moolah!!

#YouTube earnings –

For starters – last noted, he has posted close to 742 videos on Google’s video streaming platform and makes around $3-$5 million monthly from this. Forbes magazine detailed that Mr Beast’s videos garnered over 10 million views in 2021 and raked in close to $54 million via the adverts and sponsorships associated with his YouTube channel.

In another report published that year, the income dissection amounted to – USD $9 million from sponsored content and within-video brand deals. This also showed a $32 million revenue that he had received from adverts on his YouTube.

For the unversed – the jaw-dropping revenues of Mr Beast net worth did not come from a single YouTube channel. He has multiple channels for promoting multiple categories of videos. His channel on philanthropy has over 13 million subscribers, while his gaming channel has over 34 million followers. He also has a specific channel dedicated to reaction videos that get him a solid base of over 24 million!

Apart from that – his YouTube shorts channel Mr Beast 2 generates revenue, followed by his dedicated Spanish channel – MrBeast en Espanol.

You may have heard how YouTubers earn from the YouTube Partner Program, and since Donaldson knows how to utilize the app in the best possible way – he does incur a huge profit of $26 million yearly (the multiple niches add to the metrics of Mr Beast net worth).

From what is last known – the adverts gather almost 55% of his total YouTube revenues. A premium of his income also comes from his collaboration endorsements with – Microsoft, Quidd, Electronic Arts, and CSGO Lotte on his YouTube channel.

#Merchandise sales

Coordinating with his YouTube videos, he has also started the sales of his merchandise – from apparel to accessories under his brand name. Though details are not confirmed but, without a doubt, the earnings from this source ($2.25 million in the 2023 first quarter) have a huge role to play in the computation of the humongous Mr Beast net worth.

Where does he invest his fortune?

As a shrewd entrepreneur, Mr Beast, without a doubt, has invested his money well. The details regarding his investments (as given by his team) are –

  • He supposedly invests $300,000 in making a specific YouTube video. The rest of the amount is either re-invested or invested in takeaway videos, which garners maximum videos and adds to his wealth.
  • The 2021 data revealed by his team shows – he invested 45% of his wealth into creating new YouTube videos.
  • Capitalizing on his YouTube empire, he opened a ghost kitchen brand MrBeast Burgers, that supplied burgers throughout locations in the US from 2021 through 2022. This was a joint venture in collaboration with Virtual Dining Concepts (Robert Earl of Planet Hollywood). For the record, it was the #1 most-downloaded food app in 2020 and raked in $70 million and $100 million in 2021 and 2022, respectively – a maximum of which was added to the already jaw-dropping Mr Beast net worth.


His investments in real estate –

His other successful investments include – the candy business (Feastables), which has minimal ingredients (organic cocoa included) – raked in a business worth – USD $5 million. Courtesy of his brand value and name – the chain has garnered a 40% profit and a deal with Walmart!

Though he has not revealed specific details of his assets – but he supposedly owns five houses (all located in Greenville – North Carolina, which led to the huge controversy). The initial house was priced at – $3,18,000 – while the rest of the houses came at a combined price of over $2.45 million.

What cars does he have?

Recently, he was seen buying a BMW i8 in one of his videos. He supposedly owns other luxury cars as well, details of which are unavailable as of now. ZHC, a fellow YouTuber, gifted him a Tesla Model 3, which supposedly is priced at over $1 million.

Do you know of his philanthropic activities?

Right from the time Donaldson started getting success, he pledged to give a part of the proceeds from Mr Beast net worth for charitable purposes. Recently, he made a video where he gifted hearing devices to 1000 people, which cost him roughly $3 million. It was a heartwarming video, and it has garnered close to 59 million views online. However, this is not the first time. Donaldson has always wisely used his wealth and extended millions to charitable causes.

In 2017, he gave a homeless man $10,000 and then followed it up in 2018 with a $20,000 donation to another homeless man. He followed it up by raising donations for Arbor Day Foundation, close to $20 million (2018), and a host of other charitable activities. The details of such activities are found on the Beast Philanthropy YouTube channel.

Another of his notable investment has been in – Juice Funds (an offer of $250,000 for stakes in other people’s YouTube channels).

Why are his videos so popular?

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The reason why Mr Beast’s YouTube videos have garnered such popularity is – his picking of trending topics, gaming-related videos such as Minecraft or Call of Duty, a range of commentary shorts on video games, a host of outlandish videos such as Squid-game-inspired formats, and definitely stunt philanthropic videos.

It is the diversity of the content that garners these views and thereby pushes the numbers associated with Mr Beast net worth through the roofs! Since Jimmy Donaldson knows how to capitalize on the algorithm of YouTube, therefore – he clearly curates videos that hit the sweet spot.

Final words

If you have been an avid YouTube watcher – there’s no chance you may have missed out on Mr Beast’s channel! With a plethora of content and a host of new ideas to the fore, without a doubt, his bank balance will pile up in the future. If you like this article on Mr Beast net worth and are looking for more financial and net worth-related articles, keep visiting this website.

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