Do You Believe Bryce Hall Net Worth Is $10 million? Read The Truth!!

By | June 13, 2023
bryce hall net worth

Bryce Hall, the TikTok star, loves courting controversies! Whether it is him being handcuffed in 2020 for excessive partying amidst the pandemic or being cuffed in 2023 in front of a nightclub in Nevada for hitting a security guard. Though financial portals such as Celebrity Net Worth officially declare the statistics of Bryce Hall net worth to be $2 million, he recently claimed on his Twitter that his worth was a whopping $10 million!! Whatever the data – one has to accept that for a 23-year-old social media influencer, he is RICH!!

So, where does he get the moolah from? How does he invest it in multiplying it and also flaunting it on social media? We’ll get a glimpse of the same –

What is Bryce Hall net worth?

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With the booming rise in influencers on social media, youngsters have cashed in on both popularity and moolah! Bryce Hall is a noted name on that list, with a huge range of TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube subscribers. Apparently, the info garnered from financial magazines touts his net worth to be $2 million.

However, he, in a recent tweet, has put forth a statement – “ Is your expectations greater than being a 21-year-old worth more than $10m? If so, you must be worth more! I’d love to know! Thnx for the feed back xoxo” 

Despite his claim, no portal verified the statistics.

Are you wondering if this is true? Since this is not the first time that he had made such outrageous statements ( the L.A. mayor had to switch off his electric connection when he flouted the party rules during the pandemic).

As you will scroll down this article, you will get clarity about his investments, his journey from a newbie to a star on social media, and a little peek-a-boo into his personal life.

How does he invest his money?

Whether it is $2 million or $10 million, what’s surprising is – unlike other social media stars, Bryce Hall has managed to earn a huge profit! He knows how and where to invest his money to boost his financial status.

His role as an angel investor –

For starters – in late 2020, he was an angel investor in a host of companies – Stir, LendTable, AON3D, and Humaning. As per current data, his investments in all these companies have proven to be super successful (all of them have been expanding rapidly post-pandemic), which automatically boosts the official figures of Bryce Hall net worth.

His role in launching his brands –

However, since then, he has comprehended and shared the same with Forbes that – launching his own brand would be a better investment. That has led him to launch his own energy drink – Ani Energy, which is supposed to be the fountain of youth. This energy drink brand is co-owned by Josh Richards, and the duo currently has secured a huge Walmart distribution deal that would run up to some million dollars!

Another brand he has invested in is – a range of university hoodies that is sold under the name of Merch Party Animal. In a humble request to Forbes – “I’m doing $1 million quarterly on merch sales!” Hall had stated this to be the primary source of his income. Currently, it is on sale on multiple platforms, including Amazon. Though the deal behind this has not been revealed, without a doubt, it has pushed up the metrics associated with Bryce Hall net worth.

His earnings from the financial podcast –

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You might be surprised to know that the social media influencer has a financial podcast to his name. Credited officially as – Capital University (2020), he provides some credible financial knowledge giving the example of his developmental strides from social media to one of the topmost TikTok stars!

Recently he has stepped into the celebrity boxing league with an idea to capitalize more on his popularity and push forth the value of his net worth. Taking inspiration from Jake and Logan Paul, he, in the June of 2022, announced the YouTubers vs. TikTokers Boxing Event. For the record, he did encash a huge amount from this event – at a pay-per-view format costing $5 million!!

Now that you have a fair idea of his current investments and the latest official value of Bryce Hall net worth – how about checking out his earnings from social media? After all, that’s where he started his journey.

When and how did his social media journey begin?

He was only 15 when he started his career on the social media portal YouNow. His peers bullied him, and to enhance his reach and make new friends, and meet new people – he started live streaming. Slowly but surely, he did start gaining a good number of followers!

Then in late 2014, he garnered popularity on other social media platforms like and Vine. Vine shut down in 2016, but by that time – he had gained a following of 30,000 fans! That was huge, given his age and experience in dealing with social media profiles.

When he kickstarted his YouTube channel in 2015, from a base of 30,000 followers, he grew it to a massive 3.42 million subscribers (he operates under the handle – @brycehall9511). Rough estimates show that YouTube influencers earn between $3 and $7 per thousand video views.

Though Hall or his financial managers have not disclosed the actual amount, one may assume Bryce Hall net worth to be $1.82k monthly when specifically talking about his YouTube income. To concentrate more on content creation, he moved from his hometown in Maryland to Los Angeles in 2018.

Apart from that – he has a massive following of 17.9 million on TikTok, and that shows he does draw massive traffic to his platform. Therefore, he supposedly has tie-ups with multiple brands, though the details of the same are unavailable.

On Instagram, he has a massive following of 21.5 million (since his joining the profile in 2019). All the aforementioned platforms are revenue-generating sources, and by using the same, he has massively increased his net worth, making himself counted amongst the richie-rich of the influencers world.

A quick look into his personal life

Though not as interesting as his professional life, since his time in L.A., he has been associated with multiple women (which detracts from the previous claims of him being gay). For the record, he was supposedly dating influencer Elle Danjean in 2019. After that, he dated co-TikTok creator – Addison Rae between 2020 – 2021. Though there was news of him getting back with her, as of now, he is single.

Final thoughts

From TikTok creator to investments in multiple folds, within a short span of time – official figures associated with Bryce Hall net worth have amplified multifold. If you are a fan, then his knack for financial investments is truly a lesson worth learning. If not – it is time you check out the specifics! Want to know more about his work or the fortunes of some other celebs? Keep following this page!


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