Dawson’s Creek Star Katie Holmes Net Worth Is $25 Million!

By | June 16, 2023
katie holmes net worth

It’s not every day that you ditch Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy to star in another film! But Katie Holmes took that risk! Not that it paid off, but she has no regrets. Recently, these facts came to light when Nolan was interviewed. Since then, netizens’ interest has peaked, with them wanting to know about Katie Holmes net worth, how she has been faring financially post her divorce, who she is dating in her life, and even specific details about her daughter.

This article will provide insight into all these queries, along with some tidbits that you may have never heard before. Let’s check out the specifics –

What is Katie Holmes net worth?

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From her extensive role in fan-favorite Dawson’s Creek to a number of hit movies, entrepreneurial ventures, and endorsement deals – Katie Holmes has earned a fortune. As far as public records – she has a net worth of $25 million. Isn’t that stupendous? Especially for a woman whose professional worth was $10 million only a couple of years back – Katie seems to have made up her career and associated wealth slowly but steadily.

So, how did she manage to earn the millions? Did she get any spousal support from Tom Cruise that added to her net worth? Scroll down for the details –

How did she garner this wealth?

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Her acting career –

Though Holmes happens to don a number of hats, thanks to her credibility in multiple fields – a major share of Katie Holmes net worth comes from her acting assignments. She made a fortune working in Dawson’s Creek, where she, as Joey Potter, earned $30,000 per episode.

With the show’s popularity skyrocketing and this teen drama running for 6 seasons, Katie’s salary reportedly grew, with her earning $178,000 per episode. Since she had appeared in all 128 episodes of the show, one may estimate her to earn close to $17 million when the show finished.

Apart from that, Katie Holmes has had a trajectory of successful films in her kitty. She starred in – Batman Begins opposite Christian Bale (she earned $1 million), Abandon (she earned $1 million), Phone Booth (she earned $500,000), and The Gift (she earned $200,000).

She followed these films up with a host of other stupendous successes such as – Jack and Jill with Adam Sandler, Logan Lucky, The Singing Detective, Don’t Be Afraid of The Dark, and many others! All her films netted in millions, thereby raising the humongous Katie Holmes net worth to a whopping $25 million (as per last statistics).

Her endorsement deals and social media posts

Along with acting, she makes money from her endorsement deals. She has advertised for lifestyle brands such as GAP, Coach, and Ann Taylor’s Spring 2011 collection (which later inspired her clothing line). She was also the face of the cosmetic line Bobbi Brown, and the hair products range Garnier Lumia.

As far as her social media posts are concerned – she makes roughly $100,000 for each post she puts up.

She garnered profit from the sale of her mansion

Recently she made moolah by selling her Calabasas mansion for $4 million! Since she was the sole owner of this mansion, therefore, the entire amount added to the metrics of Katie Holmes net worth, enhancing her pocket by a couple of million! She also owns a flat in New York City where she spends her maximum time off with her daughter Suri.

She has a clothesline to boast of

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Another source of her income is her high fashion clothing line – Holmes and Yang, of which she is a co-owner along with stylist Jeanne Yang. The fashion line was launched in 2008. The brand showcased its collection in 2012 at the New York Fashion Week.

She is also the co-owner and brand ambassador of Alterna Haircare since 2013.

What alimony did she receive from Tom Cruise?

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Katie Holmes – Tom Cruise was once upon a time Hollywood’s Power Couple. For those who had known the couple from close quarters, they were ‘way too much in love with each other to even consider a break-up.’ Married in 2006, November and blessed with a daughter – the couple parted ways in 2012, citing irreconcilable differences. However, prior to their wedding – Holmes and Cruise had signed a prenup wherein Katie would not receive any spousal support in case of a divorce.

Therefore, post her divorce, no alimony was added to Katie Holmes net worth. From what is known, she went into this marriage with a net worth of $10 million, and though she came out with a higher professional wealth, that was purely attributed to her professional achievements and no spousal support.

How much child support does she get from Cruise?

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When the Holmes – Cruise couple was divorced, Suri Cruise, their daughter, was merely 6 years of age. Therefore, the court directed Tom Cruise to pay child support to Katie till Suri attained 18 years of age or a time period of 12 years (till 2024).

From what is known from the court orders, Tom Cruise pays $400,000 per year to Katie Holmes, which breaks down to $33,000 per month. Apart from this, as part of the child support agreement, Tom Cruise also has to pay for Suri’s – insurance, college education, dental, medical, and extracurricular activities costs. To date, he has already paid more than $3.4 million and is supposed to pay another million in the upcoming time.

Sadly, during the split, Katie had asked for complete custody since she did not want Suri’s thoughts to be influenced by the Church of Scientology. Hence, for more than a decade or so, Tom has not been in touch with his daughter, and it is quite apparent that they do not share a bond.

Suri Cruise is growing up to be a fashion and lifestyle influencer herself and is supposedly making a name in the Hollywood domain under her mother’s guidance.

Is her daughter’s salary part of her income?

Suri Cruise is probably one of the most famous celeb kids in the world, thanks to her super-successful and superstar parents. However, she is not the one to rest on her parent’s laurels. At the tender age of 17 years, as she prepares to enroll in college, she already has a lumpsum amount in her hand. She is a fashion influencer with a monthly income of $16,000!!

However, it seems from multiple public portals that the mother-daughter has a clear understanding about the finances. Whatever Suri earns, it does not add up to Katie Holmes net worth and remains a part of her hard-earned money. But Katie happens to be quite strict about Suri’s finances and keeps a check on her daughter regarding the same.

A quick glimpse into her personal life

Before wrapping up, it is time you get a quick glimpse of her life. She was born Katie Noelle Holmes – to an attorney father and a homemaker mother. She was the youngest of five children.

Her first taste of professional success came from her modeling career, which propelled her to get her first crucial role in Dawson’s Creek. She was initially in a relationship with her co-star Joshua Jackson from Dawson’s Creek. After the duo fell apart, she married Hollywood heartthrob Tom Cruise. After her divorce, she was reportedly dating Jamie Foxx. Currently, she is in a happy space with her partner Bobby Wooten III. The couple recently made it official in a New York red carpet event.

Wrapping up

As a versatile and credible actress with a range of films under her belt – BiographyTalk wishes more success to the actress for her upcoming projects. If you liked this article on Katie Holmes net worth and are looking for more such celeb net worth articles, keep checking this website!

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