Chrisean Rock Wiki: Everything About the Instagram Model

By | March 10, 2024
Chrisean Rock Wiki: Everything About the Instagram Model

Known for her cheerful personality and past relationship with Blueface, Chrisean Rock is a young American rapper and a model. According to Chrisean Rock Wiki, she rose to fame after appearing on three consecutive seasons of Baddies. The reality TV celeb always manages to be on the news for some new drama in her personal life.

Given Chrisean’s popularity on social media, it is natural to feel intrigued to know more about her. How much is her net worth and what is she doing now? Why does she have a tattoo of Blueface on one of her front teeth? This detailed Chrisean Rock Wiki includes all the interesting information about Chrisean’s professional and personal lives.

Chrisean Rock biography

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Chrisean Rock net worth

The bio states that her present net worth is $2 million which reflects her achievements in showbiz. YouTube, music videos, modeling, and appearances on reality shows are some of her income sources. Her songs like ‘Rainy Days’ are loved by youngsters, and they get millions of views on YouTube.

Currently, she is focused on creating more entertaining rock music and her net worth is bound to increase. She lives in an impressive house with her baby, and you’ll get glimpses of her lavish lifestyle on Instagram.

Chrisean Rock early life

Born in 2000 in Baltimore, Maryland, Chrisean Malone has spent her childhood in this peaceful city. Not much is known about her parents other than the fact that her father is Eugene Arthur Malone, and her mother is Charla Malone.

Chrisean was a student at Brainerd High School, and she entered the entertainment industry after finishing secondary education.

Chrisean Rock relationships

For the past few years, Chrisean Rock was madly in love with Blueface, the successful rapper. They began going out in 2020 and she even gave birth to his child. Although fans thought they looked cute together, the couple split. Now Blueface has rekindled romance with his ex, the person he was dating before Chrisean.

A single mom, Chrisean does not let motherhood stand in her way of enjoying life. As per sources, she is courting Lil Mabu, a teen star. She is so fond of him that she there’s a tattoo on her tummy dedicated to him. Chrisean has never kept her relationships hidden from her fans and so, she is seen spending a lot of time with Lil Mabu.

Chrisean Rock career

After graduating, Chrisean was struggling to find work. Blueface noticed her skills and gave her a chance to be a part of Blue Girls Club. This reality series changed Chrisean’s life forever as she got both wealth and recognition. So, Chrisean Rock before Blueface was not a big celebrity.

However, Chrisean is a multi-talented girl who can rap like a pro. Some of her top songs are ‘Word to My Brother’, ‘Pain’, ‘Vibe’, ‘Rainy Days’, ‘Lonely’, and ‘Adin Ross Disstrack’. All these songs are available on YouTube and Spotify. Other than making music videos, she is also into blogging.

Chrisean Rock Instagram

Chrisean is a social media queen and so, she is active on platforms like Instagram. The name of her Insta account is DaBigBabyChrisean and she has 4.9 million followers. If you are a fan of Chrisean, you can follow her to stay updated about what’s going on in her life.

However, Instagram for Chrisean is not just a place to post sizzling pictures of herself. She earns a lot of money through brand collaborations and modeling gigs on Instagram.

Chrisean stays in touch with her fans on other social media platforms as well. On Facebook, her number of followers has exceeded 100k. She has a Twitter account by the name Chrisean Malone and here too, she is equally active.

Chrisean Rock tooth story

You must have seen some of Chrisean Rock before tooth surgery photos on the Internet. There was a noticeable void for quite some time as she lost a front tooth. No, Chrisean did lose her tooth in an accident or because of some dental ailment. The tooth loss was the result of a fight with the ex-girlfriend of Blueface named Jaidyn Alexis.

According to Chrisean, Jaidyn made some intolerable remarks about her, and she lost her calm. The two then started hitting each other and Chrisean returned home with a headache and a broken tooth.

But Chrisean is Chrisean, and her optimistic nature is what makes her different and lovable. She decided to fill the gap in a way that creates a style statement. The restored tooth has a tattoo on it and it’s the face of Blueface. Right after the tooth restoration surgery, she went live on Instagram to flaunt her new tooth.

Final thoughts

Chrisean Rock is a perfect blend of untamed beauty, raw talent, and a badass personality. While some people love her confidence and physique, others find her too loud and bold. So, whether you admire her or think she’s too dramatic – you cannot ignore the charisma that is Chrisean. Hence, you must have had fun reading this Chrisean Rock Wiki containing all the salacious information about the rapper.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Chrisean Rock?

Chrisean Rock is a 23-year-old social media personality, influencer, and musical artist. She is also an Instagram model, and her net worth has reached $2 million.

2. Is Chrisean Rock on TikTok?

In her free time, Chrisean keeps sharing lip-sync videos and hilarious videos on TikTok. It was through these videos that she got the attention she sought.

3. What happened to Chrisean’s tooth?

Chrisean Rock broke a tooth during an ugly fight with her rival Jaidyn Alexis. There was jealousy between the two girls as both wanted Blueface. A verbal dispute ended up becoming a physical one and it cost Chrisean a tooth.

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