Reminiscing the Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston wedding gala!

By | October 12, 2023

It has been 18 years since we last saw Brad Pitt and Jenifer Aniston as a couple. Though the backstage hug of the 2020 SAG Awards and the table-reading of Fast Times At Ridgemont High did see the ex-couple being at home with each other, and it did spark the rumor mills – but soon hopes were dashed. Yet, this short-lived and high-profile relationship keeps being tabloid fodder from time to time. So, why not reminisce about the Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston wedding once more? Here’s becoming nostalgic –

What makes Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston wedding special?

If you are a summer millennium-born child, there might be a chance your birth coincided with one of the most lavish and awaited wedding ceremonies in the world. It was on July 29th, of the millennium that the much-in-love couple who had dated for close to two years exchanged their wedding vows against the sunset in a lavish 5-acre property in Malibu, California.

The Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston wedding was truly one of the centuries with the exclusive venue, the dress, the bridal party, the vows, and albeit the $500,000 engagement ring that was shown off impromptu at the Sting concert. Here’s all that you want to know about the wedding –

Talking of the venue –

It was an expensive 5-acre Malibu clifftop in California. Borrowed from TV executive Marcy Carsey, the planners arranged to restrict the airspace above the ceremony and hold the marriage under a monstrous white marquee. The security arrangements cost 76,000 pounds and the venue was decorated with 50,000 flowers and had a Greek bouzouki band and 40-member Gospel choir to officiate the same.

For the record, the Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston wedding ceremony cost a whopping $1 million. The couple exchanged their vows under lantern-hung tents, adorned with blooms such as wisteria, roses, and tulips, backed up by imported Thai – brown sugar candles.

The wedding dresses –

Jennifer wore a silk-satin gown with a low back cut and glass beads. She coupled the same with Monolo Blahnik’s custom-made ivory heels and Swarovski crystal crown attached veil. She was backed by her bridesmaids chiffoned in pale green.

As for the groom, Brad wore a Heidi Slimane 4-button black tuxedo, backed up by his Prada – clad groomsmen.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston wedding

Their unique vows –

The biggest takeaway from this Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston wedding is their self-declared vows. Surprisingly, Brad was in tears seeing Jen in the bridal gown with the gospel choir playing music from the 1999 album 13. The vows were self-written, with Brad promising to split the difference on the thermostat while Jennifer vowed to prepare Brad’s favorite banana milkshake.

The bridal party –

The key bridesmaids of Jennifer were – Andrea Bendewald, and Kristin Hahn Stringer. Jennifer’s father John Aniston attended her wedding, but not her estranged mother Nancy. As far as Brad is concerned – his best man was his brother, Doug. Their father, Bill, acted as the second groomsman, with sister Julie and mother Jane in attendance.

The reception –

The reception party of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston wedding was one worth speaking about for decades down the line. With the bloom-lantern-laden talents, a slate fountain was constructed.

The wedding cake was white-frosted six-tier, and the menu included – caviar, gourmet pizza, shrimp, peppercorn beef, lobster, and crab, all washed down with Dom Perignon champagne.

Who were there –

The party which had close to 200 guests included apart from family, Aniston’s Friends co-stars – Lisa Kudrow, Courtney Cox, David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc, Cameron Diaz, Edward Norton – Salma Hayek, Kathy Najimy, David Spade, Matthew Perry, and John Lovitz to name a few.

That’s how the fantasy romance looked in reality. Now to all those wondering – how did this love story kickstart? We will tell you soon.

Reliving the Pitt-Anniston Lovestory

Let’s check a timeline of their relationship –

  • In 1994, when Pitt and Aniston met casually via their managers, it was as simple as “a sweet guy from Missouri” meeting an actress – colleague.
  • In 1998, when Pitt had broken off from Gwyneth Paltrow and Aniston had separated from Tate Donovan, the managers set up a date. What struck her was – “an easy” and “fun” evening where they both enjoyed themselves.
  • September 12, 1999 – the ‘now in love’ couple made their official Red Carpet debut at the Emmy Awards
  • November 21, 1991 – everyone’s favorite couple announced their engagement.
  • July 29, 2000 – the day of the Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston wedding. The wedding ceremony reportedly cost $1 million.
  • September 10, 2000 – the couple made their appearance on the Red Carpet as a married couple.
  • January 20, 2002 – the couple makes an appearance at the Golden Globes.
  • 2002 – Aniston and Pitt launched a production company Plan B Entertainment. The company produced – Troy, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to name a few.
  • February 2003 brought forth the famous W Magazine interview of Aniston – where she confessed her ever-increasing love for Pitt.
  • February 2004 – brought the Pitt and Aniston fans the ‘baby fever.’
  • September 2005 – Aniston stated about the rumours around Pitt that they would always care for each other and remain dedicated friends.
  • December 2018 brought a new side of the story to the forefront. Aniston in an interview with Elle stated that both her marriages were successful from her point of view. Also, she maintains a friendship with both her exes and they hold an important part in her life.
  • When Pitt attended Aniston’s 50th birthday party, people suddenly recalled the Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston wedding. But the couple shut the press down by stating that they were and are great friends and care for each other.

This is how the Pitt – Aniston love story culminated in the Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston wedding of the century. Unfortunately, for their fans and friends, this marital bond did not last for a lifetime and hit a rough patch after half a decade. How? We will inform you of the same.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston wedding

Ending on a bitter-sweet note

The fateful day was – January 7, 2005! The fabled Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston wedding came to an end. Pitt had started shooting for Mr. and Mrs. Smith and rumors were rife that he did cheat on Jennifer with Jolie. But when the people saw the Pitt-Aniston couple bringing in the New Year in Anguilla – they were satisfied. However, soon after the fabled couple announced their separation to the People magazine exclusively.

As soon as the news broke, though the couple was as decent as ever, fans of the same started trolling Jolie. Calling her a- a high-profile homewrecker and snubbing Pitt when he gave a presentation of his domestic bliss with Jolie and their children, specific clubs were formed for and against the actors.

Stories started pouring in about how Aniston’s friends and fans had started rallying around her and cursing Pitt, but later, Aniston denied the same. Currently, standing in 2023, they both are good friends and wish each other luck and love. Thus, their marriage might have ended on a bitter-sweet note but the friendship they had forged in 1998 has managed to stay on.

Moving on and away from each other

Though the couple ended their marriage after 5 years and moved on with their respective spouses, they have always maintained a cordial relationship with each other. The Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston wedding might have ended but their friendship remains as strong as ever.

Pitt announced his relationship with Jolie a few months after ending his marriage with Aniston. Jennifer as well moved on with Justin Theroux in 2015. Unfortunately, the marriage of both ex-spouses ended in divorce.

When did the ex-couple reconcile?

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Aniston stated she consistently watched her film The Breakup to overcome the same. Though initially, they both maintained cordial relations during their breakup announcement, after Pitt confirmed his relationship with Jolie, some negative comments did come from each side.

In an interview with Vogue, Jennifer stated about the ending of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston wedding – “There was stuff printed there that was definitely from a time when I was unaware that it was happening….” This further fuelled the Brad Pitt cheating rumors. Pitt himself gave an interview to Parade stating – “ …I think that my marriage (to Aniston) had something to do with it. Trying to pretend the marriage was something that it wasn’t.”

However, with time – the ex-couple has rekindled their friendship, ‘buddy’ing each other and attending each other’s private parties. Since then, both personally and professionally they have maintained their friendship and ensured to support each other at all times. Pitt’s presence at Aniston’s private parties and their screen presence provide evidence of the same.

What is their current status?

They are happily single, but not ready to mingle (with each other or anyone else)! Brad Pitt is still facing some issues regarding his child’s custody cases and property issues with Jolie, but Aniston is gearing up for the release of Murder Mystery 2 with Adam Sandler and promoting the usage of a facial toning device.

Though the ex-couple are found flirting with each other, they have no plans of getting back together. They have been the best of buddies, and when Aniston hosted a holiday party for her friends, Pitt was one of the first to arrive and second only to the last to leave. This clearly portrays the couple has learned their lessons from a bad Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston wedding to become better.

Summarising the thoughts

Recollecting Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston wedding did make us realize one thing, not every fantasy comes true. Some do end in bitter heartbreak. However, just like the ex-couple who have moved on as friends taking the positives of each other from the marriage, we too should only take positives from a failed equation and move on. Life is too short for regrets and we too must embrace the positives and move on with life.

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