Did you know this about Bella Poarch net worth in 2023?

By | October 25, 2023
Bella Poarch net worth

‘All good things take time – and when you want great things, it takes a much longer time.”  When you talk about Bella Poarch, the noted media personality and Filipino-American singer, this proverb holds true for her. As someone who has tolerated the worst form of child abuse by her foster parents, it has taken a lot of her to create what we today see in the form of Bella Poarch net worth. She is the fourth-most followed star on TikTok and has been reckoned globally for her single – Build A Bitch (2021 release).

In this post, we will take a closer look at her net worth, controversies surrounding her rise to the heights of success, her familial relationships,  and her career. Here’s kickstarting this digital journey –

What is Bella Poarch net worth?

Recently, there was a controversy associated with Bella Poarch net worth, with some sources claiming that she was inflating her market value to gather more posts. You too must have read about that if you are a follower of the star. So, why not clarify the details now? The details mentioned below have been compiled from multiple financial documents, some of them released by her publicist.

Her net worth is estimated to be somewhere between $2-$5 million (varies as per increments and income per project). Last estimated in the latter quarter of 2022, her net worth stood at $4.71 million. Her primary areas of income are – YouTube earnings, Twitter earnings, TikTok shoutouts, and endorsement deals with multiple brands.

A massive contribution to Bella Poarch net worth comes from her TikTok profile – which has 85 million followers, and a YouTube channel that boasts 4 million subscribers and over 200 million views! From what can be amassed by multiple analysts – Bella Poarch earns a humongous amount of $77.35 thousand only via her TikTok shoutouts.

As a notable TikTok influencer, she also promotes multiple brands on the platform which earns her thousands (specific details have not been released). Her YouTube account also accrues quite the same dollar amount for her video updates. For the record, a major source of Bella Poarch net worth is her role as a Pandora curator and endorsement deal with HyperX.

Bella Poarch net worth

According to data charts received from multiple sources, Poarch charges $30,000 for TikTok promotions and supposedly charges $13,000 to $23,000 for Instagram promotions. Recently she also in collaboration with Grimes sold her own NFTs netting an amount of $6 million.

In terms of assets, what is known is – she owns a four-bedroom property in the Los Angeles area of the USA. There are no details available about any other property or vehicles that she owns.

Is she married?

She was!! In the last quarter of 2022, she announced to her fans that she had been married for 4 years (since 2019) but now was seeking a divorce from her husband Tyler Poarch. They were separating because of ‘’irreconcilable differences” and none of them were claiming any compensation out of either her Tyler Poarch or Bella Poarch net worth.

As of now, she is looking to secure her position in the social marketing arena.

What are the various controversies surrounding her?

For everyone who has been keeping a track of Bella Poarch net worth and other minute details of her life – Bella has never been free from controversies. Whether it was the revelation of her being abused and bullied as a child in school and at home, or her tattoo that hurt the Korean sentiments.

In the early months of 2020, Poarch got herself stamped with a tattoo of a rising sun. This immediately reminded everyone of Japan’s imperialistic rule over South Korea. Poarch faced immense criticism and apologized on Twitter.

Somewhere in late 2022 – she was also criticized for inflating her income. But later, her publicist released the records and she too cleared the air about her earnings. Clearly, Bella Poarch seems to be quite a favorite child of the controversies.

Who are her family members?

As you have been reading this article, you now have a better idea about Bella Poarch net worth. How about diverting from her materialistic wealth and concentrating on her family life for a change? Did you know that Poarch’s actual name is Denarie Taylor and she was born in Phillippines on February 8, 1997, and raised by her grandmother? At the age of 3 years, she was adopted by an American expat and his wife. However, unfortunately – that’s the time she states that her trials started.

The expat family head was in the army and for the next decade, Bella grew up working hard at the family’s farm and doing household chores. In fact, in one of her later interviews – she stated that in Phillippines, school started at 6:30 AM. She, in order to complete the household chores, had to wake up at 4 AM. Though she grew up amidst an adopted brother and two adopted sisters, her story was quite like that of Cinderella and the step sisters.

What one sees today as part of Bella Poarch net worth came with great sacrifices. Bella in one of her podcasts stated that she was abused as a child, nicknamed – ‘stupid bitch’ and beaten for days together. She was also deprived of breakfast if she did not do the chores up to the expectation of her adoptive parents.

Her school was not supportive of her either. Later, when she was 14 years of age, the family had to move to Texas for her adoptive father’s health issue and to a certain extent from there she saw signs of relief from her regular abusive family.

What was her way out? Bella stated that when she was 17 years of age and there was no way out of her abusive life at home, she decided to join the navy. Though she was scared initially, but, later in a podcast, she stated that the navy allowed her independence that she had never felt before.

In fact – at 17 she signed the waiver with the military navy and served US military for 4 years as per her contract. She also revealed that the scenario was so bad at her home that before leaving for the military, her adopted father even cussed at her stating – she should never come back here because it was not ‘her home.’ It was during her service with the navy that she started saving a little. Later she accepted that those little savings had a huge role to play in adding up to Bella Poarch net worth.

Bella Poarch net worth

Coming back from the navy, she kickstarted her musical and TikTok career.

How did she rise in her career?

It was in 2020 that Bella Poarch launched her TikTok channel, which to date is a huge contributor to Bella Poarch net worth. Initially, she used to upload gaming and cosplay videos on her account. With time she gained popularity with her short lip-syncing clips. Her game to fame was the video of Poarch lip-syncing ‘’Sophie Aspin Send” by Millie B. The video garnered – more than 60 million likes and half a billion views.

Her credits are well-defined on her customized Linktree profile with an animated backdrop.

After her viral TikTok video, transitioning into a music career was comparatively easier. She has always been inclined towards music and plays the ukulele and acapella well (you can check her videos). In 2021, she signed a music deal with Warner Records and is looking to cement her position professionally.

Prior to this, she had already released two of her singles such as Inferno and Build A Bitch. In the initial month itself, her Build A Bitch scored high for her, giving her the title of – “biggest artist debut video on YouTube of all time in the first month.” It also listed itself in the global Billboard at rank 25! These above-mentioned songs had a role to play in contributing to  Bella Poarch net worth as it stands today.

Through her songs, Build a Bitch and Inferno she has always tried to portray complex topics such as – self-acceptance, loving oneself, pride in her achievement, and sexual assault. In the future as well she wished to empower her audience through music.

Closing thoughts

That was the information we could gather about Bella Poarch net worth. We wish the social media persona love and success in all her future endeavors. Do you have something more to add? Leave your comments below.


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