Alanis Morissette children ‘unschooling’ concept sparks a debate!

By | October 22, 2023
Alanis Morissette children

She was the earworm for 90s heartbreaks! From Walk Away to Feel Your Love, Alanis Morissette had everyone dancing to her tunes! Recently she graced the memorial to honor Lisa Marie Presley at the Graceland Estate of the Presley family. Who wouldn’t want to know more about such a

persona? As you will scroll down this article, you will get some anecdotes about Alanis Morissette children, her thoughts on unschooling her kids, postpartum struggles, her gaps in pregnancies, and tidbits about her professional and personal life.

Why wait? Biography Talks brings you specifics about her personal life –

Why are Alanis Morissette children in the news?

Alanis Morissette is blessed with sons Ever Imre (11 years) and Winter Mercy (3 years) and daughter Onyx Solace (6 years), whom she shares with her rapper husband – Mario ‘SoulEye’ Treadway.

Alanis Morissette children have come under the limelight after the ‘unschooling’ row. While some have lauded her for this, others have negated this concept.

Morissette confessed on the Gary Bryan Morning Show that her daughter Onyx doesn’t call her ‘mother’ or any of the abbreviations related to a mother. Rather, Onyx prefers to call her by her name as she has seen her addressed as such on countless professional fronts.

Alanis Morissette children

In the extended interview, the You Oughta Know singer also confessed – her kids, despite her scolding them, prefer to listen to her music. Clearly, she is having a blast of a time enjoying her motherhood.

Alanis Morissette children were a blessing to her without a doubt. However, her blessings did not come without their set of challenges. We will look into the same –

How were her pregnancy periods?

Alanis Morissette had a challenging pregnancy period. Alanis Morissette children are blessed to have her as a mother, but she had a tough time birthing them. In a candid interview, she said that because of her age, she had conceived but also faced miscarriage during the pregnancy. Though she has not given out the specifics, sources state that she had undergone multiple miscarriages before expanding her family.

These incidents led her to depression during her pregnancy planning stage. It was her husband and her eldest child who helped her swim through the tough tides and carry forth with the planning of family extension.

When you check the age gaps between Alanis Morissette children that is when you realize the troubles she must have undergone, given her age. Yet, it was her faith that led her to continue with her pregnancies. Post her pregnancies; she suffered post-partum depression for over a year. But she acknowledged that Mario helped her overcome it, and now they, as a family are in a better place.

Understanding Alanis Morissette children ‘unschooling’ concept

Though she faced a truckload of criticism when she initially shared her thoughts of unschooling her children, the 46-year-old Ironic hitmaker has been quite adamant about her decision. In the latest episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live that especially highlighted Alanis Morissette children, she discussed the unschooling method.

She stated – that this method falls into a category of homeschooling where the child’s interests are put on the forefront rather than the set curriculum patterns followed by the school. Alanis clearly stated that she and her husband concentrate on ‘’what the child wants” and “what interests him/her,” even if it is for a short span of time.

In fact, in one of the experiments, she clearly stated that her children are used to doing one thing for more than an hour, and then when she moves on to the next task, she probably does it merely for 30 seconds. Despite this time difference issue, they, as a couple, would still go in for this format of homeschooling.

In one of her interviews – she stated that her family follows Howard Gardener’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences. As a result, they follow this format of homeschooling. Alanis Morissette children have benefitted incredibly from this, and now they can read books, despite her not teaching them reading formally.

Despite all her propositions about the unschooling format, Morissette states that it is a hectic 24×7 job that she has to do. If any of her kids wake up in the middle of the night and question her about something, she, rather than pushing him off, actually answers them. Though her parents were teachers professionally, however, she is confident that her mode of unschooling will lead her kids in the correct direction.

What did fans think about this unschooling?

Though the results regarding Alanis Morissette children unschooling format have been positive, some of the Ablaze star’s fans are not impressed. In fact – they have spoken just the opposite! Though they have stated that the conventional schooling mode has its set of negatives, they also noted that for long-term career growth – this is crucial.

Some of her fans even went to the extent of stating that she could do this unschooling simply because she has the money (Alanis Morissette is worth a whopping $45 million). One of her detractors also stated that Morissette’s kids and she herself have no idea about what the problems of a public school are and how working parents are dealing with their kids’ education process. Hence, for her, ignorance might be bliss, but that does not work for everyone since for most, this process is impractical.

Keeping everything in mind, one may ultimately state that as long as Alanis Morissette children benefit from this teaching process, there’s no looking back for the lady.

Alanis Morissette children

How did the kids change her life?

Alanis Morissette children have been the source of her biggest strength. Post her son’s birth, in multiple interviews; she has stated that her children have made her a calm individual, unlike what she was previously. That’s not all! She has also become way more attentive and practical when it comes to dealing with her kids now.

Additionally, unlike her previous persona, she has become more homebound and now knows how to balance her personal and professional lives. She also credits her husband Mario for constantly helping her with the kids despite his challenging career. Clearly, the Morissette – Treadway couple do know how to make their naughty kids toe the line.

What message she has for her fans?

As always, she has extended her greetings to her fans and wanted their blessings for her kids and family. Also, she has firmly stated that everyone must let their kids decide for themselves what they want. As a parent, Morissette may want a lot from the kids, but they might not be ready to give it all to her. She has shared the same message with her fans.

Summing up

So, how did you like this article about Alanis Morissette children? If you wish to know more about her and her thoughts on bringing up the kids – you can always keep a check on this website.

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