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By | March 4, 2024
michael richards net worth

If you are a 90s kid – there’s no way you missed out on NBC’s Seinfield! The 1988 hit comedy show, where the audience showed their empathy to some of the best-written characters showcasing their worst side, is one of the earliest shows that left an indelible imprint in the audience’s minds. Though the show was full of eccentric characters, Michael Richards as Cosmo Kramer won the hearts and heads! For a long time, one hasn’t heard of Kramer’s whereabouts. In this article, we will get a glimpse of Michael Richards net worth, a whopping $30 million – and his current whereabouts!

Let’s proceed to see what Kramer is up to now –

What is Michael Richards Net Worth?


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From public records, his net worth has been found to be $30 million. Specific portals claim his total professional value to be within $5 to $10 million, while others claim it to be at $45 million (with specific inflation parameters in context).

However, when finally cross-checked from multiple articles and data compiled from the last couple of years, the figure currently stands at $30 million. This includes the massive amount that he has garnered from his show Seinfield, which went on for nearly a decade (1989 – 1998).

After Seinfeld, he did appear in a couple of shows, but for the last couple of years, he has been involved in a series of controversies that supposedly have hit his total net worth in the market. As you will scroll down through this article, you will get details of it all.

How much did he garner from Seinfield?


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The key to Michael Richards net worth is the massive amount he has earned from his hit comedy show Seinfeld. Though he has been part of other shows as well, but the kind of fame he achieved with Seinfeld was untouched. So, how much did he get from the ‘DAD of all comedy shows?’

As per the official documents, he was supposedly earning $600,000 per episode along with his co-stars Jason Alexander and Julia Louis Dreyfus (last season of the show). This amount may look massive now, but, he started out with $150,000 per episode, which was increased to $200,000 after the show started gaining success. In the season before the last one – Kramer received $400,000 per episode along with his co-stars.

Thus, if you total up the monetary achievements of Michael Richards from Seinfeld – it comes to a starting point of $3.8 million to $15 million per season.

What are his earnings from Seinfeld Syndication Earnings?

A reasonable fortune attributed to Michael Richards net worth also comes from his earnings from the Seinfeld Syndication. The total has amounted to a massive $4 billion as of last compiled. Also, Richards earns a significant profit from – the royalty amount of the show, television re-runs, and profit sharing of DVD sales.

How much did he earn from his other shows?

The accumulated Michael Richards net worth comes from his prolific career. Apart from being an actor, he has flourished as a writer, stand-up comedian and has brand endorsements.

Once done with Seinfeld, he returned as a stand-up comedian. He came with NBC-backed Michael Richards Show, where he played the role of Vic Nardozza – a private investigator. However, despite crisp writing and some good moments, the show failed to make a mark with the audience.

Post this debacle; he went on to star in a host of other shows such as – Kristie, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. However, none of his shows could match the magic that Kramer had created for close to a decade on screen. Nonetheless, they all did add-on to his total worth.

Another area from where the official jaw-dropping Michael Richards net worth increased was via his earnings from films. He appeared in popular films as – So I Married An Axe Murderer, Trial and Error, Doug Beech, Night Court, Cheers, and Miami Vice to name a few.

However, the man did not just earn millions. He did invest quite well, which has resulted in his current worth touching a jaw-dropping $30 million.

How much did he invest in real estate?

For those who wish to know how much and where Michael ‘Kramer’ Richards invested in terms of real estate –

As per public records, he invested – $525,000 in a studio city home in California. This was followed by his investment in a home in LA’s Pacific Palisades, which he got for $175,000 (1996). Currently, the home is priced at $8-$10 million.

His representatives have also informed his fans of his properties in – Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and New York – though the details of the same have not been revealed.

# Though not precisely part of real estate – he invested a hefty amount in buying comedian Red Skelton’s rare book collection.

Car Collection

Michael Richards has invested a significant part of his income in high-end luxury vehicles such as – Chevrolet, Mercedes, Ford, and Range Rover. However, specific details of the same have not been revealed.

How have the controversies affected his net worth?

michael richards net worth

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Despite having a humongous amount of assets, in recent times, the official figures of Michael Richards net worth have been under scrutiny. Though he has managed to stay out of the limelight professionally, his personal life has been plagued by controversies.

Initially, it was the racist rant that made headlines, for which he later did apologize (in the Letterman Show); later, it was when his neighbor sued the actor couple (Michael Richards and his wife actress Beth Skipp) that their reputation and the joint market value nosedived comparatively.

Where is he currently engaged in?

Last checked, he was spending a quiet life with his kids and wife and has not revealed any intention of making a comeback to the glamour world. His wife, though, continues to work in multiple projects.

Summing up

Now that you have a fair idea about Michael Richards net worth – it can be stated that his was a career of two worlds! If he has seen the heights of success with his rendition of Kramer in Seinfeld, his personal life has been marred with controversies. However, he will always be remembered as one of the greatest stars of television, who has been able to reach out to the audience in the best manner. But without a doubt, his life is a lesson for all those who wish to make it big on the screen that, despite all your wins, you must step carefully to avoid trapholes.

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